Anupama 22nd October 2022 Written Update: Vanraj is in a dilemma for Pakhi after knowing Anuj's plan


Anupama 22nd October 2022 Written Update: Vanraj is in a dilemma for Pakhi after knowing Anuj's plan


At the start of today's episode, Anupama asks Vanraj to listen to Anuj once as he might have thought something. Anuj asks Vanraj and his family not to take him wrong.

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Vanraj tells Anuj that he isn’t Pakhi’s father or shares a bond with Adhik. He tells Anuj that he is no one to take a decision.

At this Anupama says Anuj isn’t making any decisions but just keeping his word. Hasmuk tries to make Vanraj understand that others also care for Pakhi.

Anuj tries to make them understand that he has also fallen in love at the same age as Adhik and Pakhi. He says he can relate to what Adhik and Pakhi are going through.

Hence, Anuj makes a plan to handle the situation before Adhik and Pakhi turn rebellious. He says Pakhi and Adhik think they love each other.

Anuj asks Vanraj and Anupama to become Pakhi’s friends for time being and not try to become Parents, while Kavya and Hasmuk side with Anuj.

On the other side, Pakhi talks with Adhik and says that if Anupama and Vanraj will not agree to their marriage then they will take their own decision and Adhik side with Pakhi.

Pakhi asks Adhik if he will never betray her. Adhik assures Pakhi that he will fight with the world for her.

Then we see Anupama and Vanraj talking with each other. Vanraj sits blank and shares with Anupama that amid so many points of view, he is not able to decide what is wrong or right.

Anupama asks Vanraj to talk with Pakhi and ask for time so that they can decide. So Vanraj decides to talk with Pakhi on Anupama’s request.

Anupama tells the Shah family that Vanraj will speak with Pakhi. She urges them to buck up to celebrate Diwali.

While Kavya asks Anupama and Anuj to focus on their life too. She asks Anupama and Anuj to celebrate Diwali with Choti Anu as it’s their first together.

Hearing this Anuj thanks Kavya for thinking about them. Anuj discloses to Anupama about Adhik, Barkha and Ankush’s plot.

Anupama tells Anuj that she isn’t disappointed either. Then both of them decide to give the last chance to Ankush and Barkha.

Then Anuj shares with Anupama that Adhik is serious about his love and thus confronted the truth in front of him. He asks Anupama to think and decide upon Pakhi and Adhik.

Later, Anuj says I love you to Anupama.

While at the Shah house, Vanraj speaks with Pakhi and convinces her that they aren’t saying yes or no at this time.

At the Kapadia Mansion, Anuj decides to celebrate a romantic Diwali with Anupama. While Anupama decides to purchase steel on the occasion, Anuj dislikes the idea.

Back at the Shah house, Vanraj asks Pakhi to move on for time being and focus on Diwali.

Then Vanraj shares with Hasmuk that it is difficult to be Pakhi’s parent. Seeing Vanraj sad, Hasmuk console Vanraj.

On the other side, Barkha thinks she can’t let Adhik and Pakhi’s marriage happen, while in the end, we see Anuj flirting with Anupama.

Episode Ends!

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