Anupama 20th October 2022 Written Update: Adhik’s big revelation; game over for Barkha-Ankush


Anupama 20th October 2022 Written Update: Adhik’s big revelation; game over for Barkha-Ankush


At the start of today's episode, Anupama asks Leela to calm else she will again fall sick. Leela asks Anupama to think about their reputation and get Pakhi to marry before she runs away.

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Anuj supports Leela for Pakhi-Adhik's marriage, which angers Vanraj

Anupama says Pakhi is underage, while Barkha says Leela is sick thus she is silent else she would have defended marriage.

Anupama says Pakhi has to complete her degree. Leela says Pakhi got her degree from the resort alongside Adhik.

Anuj too tries to convince Leela to change her decision. Kavya asks Leela to not talk like that.

Pakhi gets adamant to marry Adhik, while Vanraj asks Pakhi to not interrupt and says Pakhi will not go to college from now onwards.

Vanraj says Pakhi will not go out of the house from now. Hearing this Pakhi leaves the place.

Kavya goes behind Pakhi and tries to convince Pakhi to understand Vanraj because she has committed a mistake.

Pakhi calls Adhik and shares with Adhik that Vanraj learned about her affair and has also banned her from going to college.

Pakhi tells Adhik that she can’t live without him, while Adhik asks Pakhi to calm down.

Pakhi and Adhik decide to make a decision on their own if their parents will refuse to understand their love.

On the other side, Ankush and Barkha decide to leave the Shah house. Vanraj asks Ankush to make Adhik understand else they will not like it if he does anything.

At this Ankush asks Vanraj to make Pakhi understand else if he will comment then none will like it and then both Ankush and Barkha leave.

Anupama stands sad and seeing this Anuj tries to boost Anupama’s morale.

Then Samar goes and talks with Pakhi and decides to support Pakhi over Vanraj. Pakhi thanks Samar for giving his support. Samar asks Pakhi if she is sure she loves Adhik.

Pakhi says post falling in love with Adhik she understood what is called first love. She wonders why Vanraj and Anupama do not understand her love, while Samar remains silent.

Adhik’s big revelation:-

On the other side, Anuj speaks with Adhik about Pakhi. Adhik says Barkha and Ankush want to send him abroad and then he confesses his love for Pakhi.

Adhik confesses to Anuj that he is just not physically attached to Pakhi but she is his first love. He feels bad thinking his first love will be incomplete.

Adhik assures Anuj that he will be loyal to Pakhi and then reveals about plotting against Pakhi to control Anupama.

Adhik also says he has fallen for Pakhi in the process. While Anuj sits angrily after knowing that Ankush and Barkha supported Adhik in trapping Pakhi.

Back at the Shah house, Samar tries to convince Pakhi to understand marriage is not an issue but post marriage the problem arises.

While at the Kapadia Mansion, Barkha asks Adhik to stop. Adhik asks Barkha if they wanted to trap Pakhi for their benefit. Then he asks Anuj to trust him.

Ankush side with Adhik and says that Adhik is saying the truth. Ankush further says that if Adhik is against Barkha that means he truly loves Pakhi.

At this Barkha becomes angry and asks Adhik and Ankush if they have lost it. So Ankush asks Barkha to support Adhik and Pakhi or he will break his tie with her.

Episode Ends!

Anupama Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming process, Anupama decides to complete her finance studies while Samar, Vanraj, and others warn her about the difficulties she would face.

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