Anupama 18th October 2022 Written Update: Arrogant Pakhi misbehaves with her family and taunts Kinjal


Anupama 18th October 2022 Written Update: Arrogant Pakhi misbehaves with her family and taunts Kinjal


At the start of today's episode, Pakhi assures Anupama that she didn’t do anything. She then says that Adhik tried to get close to her, and they spend time but didn’t do anything wrong.

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This angers Leela and she says that Pakhi is playing with Anupama’s emotions by hugging her and also says that Anupama will melt too.

At this Pakhi says to Anupama that she isn’t doing time pass with Adhik. She says she wants to marry Adhik. Rakhi asks Anupama if Pakhi and Paritosh are her kids, as they don’t seem so.

Pakhi again shows her desire to get married. At this, Leela taunts Pakhi that she is already doing post-marriage rituals. Pakhi replies that she didn’t do anything wrong.

Anupama says girls of Pakhi’s age are desperate to make their careers. She gives an example village girl who defends her marriage and fights for their career.

Anupama feels bad that Pakhi is focusing on marriage and asks Pakhi, how Adhik and she will run their lives as they aren’t responsible enough. But Pakhi gets adamant to marry Adhik.

Rakhi asks Pakhi why she is so desperate to marry Adhik, while Kavya calls Pakhi’s love an infatuation.

Then Kinjal asks Pakhi to focus on her studies, hearing this Pakhi bluntly replies to Kinjal not to lecture as she ran away with Toshu to get married.

At this, Kinjal gives a befitting reply to Pakhi and asks her not to compare her as she and Toshu were MBA-qualified when they got married.

Then Pakhi pleads with Anupama to get her to married with Adhik. Anupama says they will talk about it later and breaks down.

Anupama shares with Rakhi why only Parents have to compromise in front of kids. She says children always defend their mistakes. While Rakhi says she can feel her pain and then Anupama hugs Rakhi.

Barkha asks Adhik how he can fall in love with Pakhi. She says he promised to trap Pakhi so that they can use her against Anupama.

Barkha scolds Adhik, while Adhik confesses to Barkha that he genuinely loves Pakhi. At this Barkha asks Adhik to stay quiet.

Later, Anupama along with other women return home. Anupama thinks, about how she will handle Vanraj and Leela’s wrath.

Anupama gets worried about Pakhi’s matter, while Kavya requests Leela not to reveal to Vanraj everything suddenly.

At the Kapadia mansion, Barkha discloses to Anuj and Ankush about Pakhi and Adhik getting caught at the resort.

Hearing this both Anuj and Ankush get stunned. Ankush and Anuj get angry at Adhik.

At the Shah house, Vanraj waits for Pakhi’s message and then he asks Samar to look for Pakhi.

Pakhi returns home with Anupama, Leela, Kavya and others. After reaching home Leela falls sick, while Vanraj tries to decode the matter.

Then Pakhi breaks down thinking Vanraj and Hasmuk will not excuse her as she broke their trust.

On the other side, Adhik assures Ankush and Anuj that he didn’t cross his line and then gets adamant to marry Pakhi. But Barkha worries about how Vanraj will react after knowing the truth.

Back at the Shah house, the doctor asks the Shah family not to give Leela more stress or else they would be required to get her admitted to the hospital, hearing this Hasmuk gets worried for Leela.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Vanraj is stunned to learn Pakhi went to the resort with Adhik.

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