Anupama 17th October 2022 Written Update: Pakhi wants to marry Adhik, faces Anupama-Leela's wrath


Anupama 17th October 2022 Written Update: Pakhi wants to marry Adhik, faces Anupama-Leela's wrath


At the start of today's episode, Anupama asks Dolly to take Choti Anu and Pari. Dolly decides to take Choti Anu to the pool.

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While Choti Anu says that they were going to see the sunset. But Dolly convinces Choti Anuand then Choti Anu and Pari go with Dolly.

Anupama drags Pakhi to the side, while Adhik tries to talk but Anupama asks Adhik to shut his mouth as she wants to talk with Pakhi.

Anupama confronts Pakhi about sharing a room with Adhik. Adhik again tries to speak, but Anupama asks him to shut up.

At this Leela yells at Pakhi for sharing a room with Adhik and then she accuses Adhik of manipulating Pakhi and bringing her to the room.

Leela says that Vanraj would have not only slapped Adhik but would have broken his bones too.

Kinjal asks Pakhi why she lied despite knowing both families have an issue and came with Adhik.

Leela accuses Adhik of instigating Pakhi. This time Barkha sides with Adhik and says Pakhi is not a kid whom her brother can manipulate. She says Pakhi is equally at mistake.

Then Barkha and Leela get into a heated argument with each other, while Rakhi accuses Pakhi.

Hearing all this, Pakhi shouts and shuts everyone and then tells Anupama of not having knowledge about adult consent.

Pakhi defends herself as being an adult and claims she can take her own decision.

In reply, Anupama lectures Pakhi about still asking for money from Vanraj to do a party and do mobile recharge. She asks why she doesn’t take responsibility and act as an adult at that time.

Pakhi calls Anupama, Leela and others are old-fashioned. She says in foreign Parents don’t make issues of girls and boys rather than judging them.

At this Anupama says at the age of 16 girls and boys walk out of their parent's house and get responsible. She asks Pakhi to compare everything if she is comparing.

Then Pakhi defends her love and holds Adhik’s hand and confesses her love and says that she will marry Adhik.

While Anupama decides to go back home but Leela decides to tell Vanraj about Pakhi.

At the Shah house, Anuj decides to go back home for his medical session.

While at the resort, Anupama asks Rakhi to call another cab or car, while Rakhi replies that the mechanic is mending the car.

Just then Leela calls Vanraj and seeing this Pakhi asks Anupama to stop Leela from calling Vanraj but Anupama refuses to help Pakhi.

At this Kavya asks Anupama to stop Leela from calling Vanraj, since both Ankush & Vanraj are still together and might do something in anger. So, Anupama stops Leela from calling Vanraj.

Then Barkha takes Adhik home, and Leela cries, while Anupama consoles Leela.

On the other side, Anuj, Ankush and GK bid adieu, while Vanraj says today’s day was good and says Adhik is not that bad too, even Hasmuk agrees with Vanraj.

Then Samar apologizes to Vanraj and says he doesn’t want to hurt him. While Vanraj asks Samar to fulfil his commitment.

Back at the resort, Pakhi asks Anupama to save her from Vanraj’s wrath. Hearing this Anupama accuses Pakhi of sharing a room with Adhik, while Pakhi says she didn’t do anything wrong.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Barkha discloses to Anuj and Akshush about Pakhi and Adhik, while on the other side, Leela falls sick and Vanraj confronts Pakhi.

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