Anupama 10th October 2022 Written Update: Toshu bids adieu to his family


Anupama 10th October 2022 Written Update: Toshu bids adieu to his family


At the start of today's episode, Vanraj asks Anupama if she is fine, while Anupama remains quiet.

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Vanraj says that Parents and children both commit mistakes and when a grown-up child does a mistake it gets difficult to get how to punish them.

Vanraj says Kinjal did right by giving second chance to Toshu. Anupama corrects that Kinjal has given a chance and not forgiveness.

Anupama asks Vanraj and Leela not to confuse or pressurize Kinjal for mending her relationship with Toshu.

Anupama says Toshu may become a good father. But only Kinjal will decide if she wants to accept Toshu as her husband or not.

Anupama reaches home and gets a note from Anuj. Anuj asks Anupama to vent out on the pillow. Anupama recalls Toshu’s deed and cries her lung out and tears apart the pillow.

Anuj sees Anupama from afar and thinks venting out was needed. Anupama breaks down, while Anuj consoles Anupama.

Pakhi, Toshu and Samar sit together. Toshu asks Pakhi and Samar not to hate him and says he is stubborn and does make mistakes but he isn’t crazy that he will harm Pari.

Samar and Pakhi say they can never doubt his fatherhood. Toshu says he will do anything to get Kinjal’s forgiveness and decides to fairly take responsibility.

Leela sees Samar, Pakhi and Toshu. She gets relieved thinking that at least Samar and Pakhi are with Toshu.

At the Kapadia Mansion, Anupama wakes up, while Anuj asks Anupama to calm down.

Anupama thanked Anuj for giving her the idea to vent out on the pillow and also says that others should also try the same idea.

Anuj boosts Anupama’s morale. At this Anupama asks Anuj what she should do with him and Anuj replies to do romance. But Anupama says some other day.

At the Shah house, Vanraj worries about what if anything would have happened to Pari today.

Hearing this Kavya consoles Vanraj and asks him not to worry. She asks him to celebrate Dusherra without any worry.

On the other side, Hasmuk and Leela do the preparation for puja. Leela then decides to bring a bride for Samar of her choice.

At this Hasmuk asks Leela not to hurry in getting Samar married. Just then Anupama comes there and asks Leela to inform her before bringing the bride for Samar.

Then Choti Anu and Anuj wish the Shahs Happy Dusherra. While Anupama meets Samar, Pakhi and Kinjal and then asks about Toshu.

Samar tells they haven't forgiven Toshu but they are not letting him stay alone. Anupama tells Samar about Leela’s marriage plan for him. While Samar says he does not want to get angry.

Just then Toshu comes there and meets Anupama. Anupama asks Toshu if he will go to a centre to fix his anger issues.

Toshu decides to leave his family and the Shahs along with Anupama and Anuj perform a puja, while Toshu bids adieu to his family.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we see Anupama, Leela, Kinjal, Rakhi, Kavya and Dolly walking in the corridor of a hotel when suddenly from one of the room Pakhi and Adhik comes out.

Seeing this everyone gets shocked and Leela becomes furious and blames Anupama that her daughter spoilt the name of their family.

At this Pakhi asks Anupama to understand her and says that she is about to turn 21 and hence, she is capable enough to take her own decisions, while Anupama is so shocked that she is unable to utter a word.

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