Anupama 9th October 2022 Written Update: Kinjal gives one last chance to Toshu as a father


Anupama 09th October 2022 Written Update: Kinjal gives one last chance to Toshu as a father


At the start of today's episode, we see both Rakhi Dave and Leela arguing; while, Leela supports Toshu for kidnapping Pari, as he did not have any other option left when he was kept away from his daughter.

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Toshu bids adieu to his family

Rakhi is against this and says that Toshu has done a crime by kidnapping her daughter. If tomorrow she also does this with Pari, will they just forgive her?

The debate escalates when Dolly also joins in and then Vanraj asks everyone to stop arguing and requests Kinjal to sort the matter within themselves without involving the police.

At this Toshu jumps in between and says, let Kinjal call the police and get him arrested so that no other father can even think of kidnapping their own child.

Hearing this Anupama taunts Toshu for his misdeeds and starts giving her Gyan-Ke-Moti.

After this Toshu who becomes emotional, tells everyone that he just cannot leave without his family (Kinjal & Pari). So, he wants them to call the police and get him arrested or kill him.

At this, a furious Rakhi asks him to go and jump in front of a truck and give his life. Then Rakhi taunts Leela that, till now she thought Leela is the biggest dramebaaz in the Shah family, but Toshu is a bigger dramebaaz than her.

Then Toshu goes mad and asks everyone in the family to beat him, he falls on Anupama's feet and requests her to give him a chance, as he wants to correct his mistakes.

Due to all this ruckus, Pari starts crying. Kinjal tries her best to make her stop crying, but is unable to do so. Just then Toshu tries to be playful with Pari and Pari stops crying and smiles at Toshu.

Seeing this everyone becomes emotional including Kinjal. Then Toshu shares all his dreams that he has for Pari and also adds that he can give his life for his daughter Pari.

Toshu again requests everyone to give him just one last chance. He accepts that he did make a mistake, he did made a crime and he is ready to suffer for his entire life.

But also says that the mistake has been made by the husband, then why the punishment is given to the father?

Toshu then goes on to remind everyone that, even Vanraj had made the same mistake, but he was allowed to be with his children, then why he is not given the same punishment?

Toshu questions, why he is been kept away from her daughter and begs Kinjal with folded hands to not distance Pari from him.

Toshu further says, he just needs a chance to change himself. He needs his family's support to improve himself and if they won't support him or give him a chance, he may turn worst.

Hearing all this from Toshu, Anupama tells everyone to let Kinjal decide whether to give Toshu one last chance or not and no one will force her in making her decision.

The decision Kinjal will take will be final and everyone will have to agree to it even Toshu has to agree to the same. Toshu nods his head in agreement.

Then Kinjal tells her decision to everyone that, she will give one last chance to the father of Pari and also bluntly tells Toshu that they can never be together again, nor will she forgive him.

Kinjal tells Toshu that, whenever she sees him, she recalls that he has cheated on her and also hurt her and if he makes a single mistake being a father, then he will lose that one last chance to be with Pari.

Hearing this, Toshu becomes emotional again and agrees to the conditions set by Kinjal. Then Kinjal gives Pari to Toshu and then Toshu thanks everyone for giving him this chance.

Toshu becomes very happy after taking Pari in his arms and says emotional poetry for Pari; he also promises Pari to be the best father. Seeing this Kinjal becomes teary.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we see Anupama, Leela, Kinjal, Rakhi, Kavya and Dolly walking in the corridor of a hotel when suddenly from one of the room Pakhi and Adhik comes out.

Seeing this everyone gets shocked and Leela becomes furious and blames Anupama that her daughter spoilt the name of their family.

At this Pakhi asks Anupama to understand her and says that she is about to turn 21 and hence, she is capable enough to take her own decisions, while Anupama is so shocked that she is unable to utter a word.

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