Anupama Written Update 03 October 2022: Anuj gives tight slaps to Toshu


Anupama 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Anuj gives tight slaps to Toshu


At the start of today's episode, Anuj and Anupama try to convince officers that they love Choti Anu a lot.

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Officers ask Anuj and Anupama if Choti Anu was lost early morning or not. Hearing this both Anuj and Anupama get shocked, while Toshu smirks.

Then the officers decide to take Choti Anu along with them; however, Anupama asks the officers to talk so that Choti Anu does not listen to their conversation.

But right at that time, Choti Anu comes there as she had heard their conversation.

Choti Anu cries and says she can’t live without Anupama and Anuj. Then the officers do a shocking revelation that someone had called them and said that Choti Anu is not safe with their foster parents.

At this time, Vanraj looks at Toshu who looks happy when the officers are adamant about taking Choti Anu along with them.

Then along with Anupama and Anuj, the entire Shah family including Rakhi Dave tries to convenience the officers to not take Choti Anu along with them.

Everyone begs the officers with folded hands and seeing their love for Choti Anu, the officers get convinced that both Anupama and Anuj are the best parents for Choti Anu.

After the officers leave from there, everyone becomes very happy, but Toshu looks disappointed as his plan has failed.

Anupama sees this and confronts Toshu for making a false complaint.

This makes Anuj angry and he asks Anupama if she is sure that Toshu is the culprit and Anupama nods in yes.

Anuj then gives two tight slaps to Toshu and confronts him.

Then Vanraj also becomes angry and confronts Toshu and makes him confess that he made the complaint.

After denying it multiple times about the same, Toshu finally accepts that he did make the complaint.

Toshu wanted to take revenge against Anupama to bear the pain of losing her daughter. Toshu then accuses Anupama of breaking her family and separating him from his daughter.

At this Vanraj gets angry and shuts him up and then apologises to Anuj with folded hands on behalf of Toshu.

Anuj, who is angry with Toshu for misbehaving with Anupama asks Anupama to call Choti Anu and tells her that they will leave for their home.

Then Anupama asks Samar to call Choti Anu and before leaving Anupama tells Toshu that his bad deeds would come back to haunt him.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we see that Anupama is dancing during the Navratri festival. Then we see someone abducting Arya and when Anupama goes to see Pari, she finds her missing.

Seeing this both Rakhi and Anupama get worried along with the entire Shah family.

Is Toshu behind Arya's abduction?

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