Anupama Written Update 01 October 2022: Kinjal decides to give divorce to Toshu; Shahs blames Anupama-Kinjal for breaking their family


Anupama 1st October 2022 Written Update: Kinjal decides to give divorce to Toshu; Shahs blames Anupama-Kinjal for breaking their family


At the start of today's episode, we see Toshu trying to get close to Kinjal. This makes Kinjal angry and she pushes away Toshu and shouts at him.

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Hearing the rucks the Shah family and Rakhi Dave come into Kinjal and Toshu’s room. Then Rakhi asks Kinjal if Toshu is troubling her.

At this Hasmuk shows his support for Kinjal and asks her to speak up, while Kinjal stands with tears in her eyes.

Then Toshu says that nothing has happened.

At the Kapadia mansion, Anupama makes Choti Anu learn a poem, seeing this Anuj feels happy and wishes to live happily with Anupama and Choti Anu.

Anuj wants to spend quality time with Anupama, and just at that time, Anupama gets a call from Kinjal.

Since Anuj had asked Anupama to stay away from Kinjal, Anupama looks at Anuj; while Anuj asks Anupama to take the call.

Anupama feels relieved and receives Kinjal’s call and hearing her words she stands stunned.

Back at the Shah house, Kinjal is seen sitting angrily.

Seeing Kinjal angry, the Shah family members ask Kinjal the reason for her anger. Then Rakhi accuses Toshu of Kinjal's anger.

Hearing this Toshu becomes irritated and asks, does he has to hear his whole life about his mistake.

Toshu this behaviour starts an argument between Rakhi and Toshu argue. Seeing the situation getting out of hand, Vanraj interrupts and says let them first hear Kinjal.

At this Kinjal asks the Shah family to stop pressuring her. She then says that Vanraj and Leela had managed to convince her to come back to the Shah house.

Kinjal also says that she understands everyone's feelings but why no one understands her pain. She further says that all she wants is to be normal but she is unable to.

Then Kinjal says that she had cleared that she is returning as a daughter of the house and not as Toshu’s wife.

Hearing Kinjal's side of the story, Vanraj says no one is pressuring her. While Kinjal accuses Toshu of trying to get close to her.

Just then Anupama marks her entry into the Shah house and asks the Shah family to stop pressurizing Kinjal.

Seeing Anupama there Toshu becomes angry and he accuses Anupama of instigating Kinjal. At this Kinjal with a loud voice says that she had called Anupama as she has made up her mind.

Kinjal puts it straight to the Shah family members not to blame Anupama for her decision.

Kinjal says she returned to the Shah house so that Anupama is not to be blamed. As Anupama had inspired her to make a decision but the decision is solely taken by her.

Then Kinjal makes a shocking announcement and says that she wants a divorce.

Hearing this Leela loses her cool and puts the entire blame on Anupama and says that Anupama has succeeded in breaking Toshu and Kinjal’s relationship.

Kinjal again warns Leela and the other family members that no one will blame Anupama.

Toshu who is in shock, bows down in front of Kinjal and asks her not to separate him from Arya.

Seeing all this Hasmuk gets heartbroken.

Then Kinjal says that she will stay at the Shah's house until her divorce happens. While Toshu begs for forgiveness from Kinjal.

But Kinjal says that she is tired of hearing his apologies and says that she will not simply give divorce but will file it on the grounds of adultery and cheating.

Hearing this, Leela, Vanraj and Kavya go against Kinjal, while Hasmuk sides with Kinjal.

Seeing all this, Toshu shows his real colours and starts to clap and blames Anupama for breaking his married life as now Kinjal wants to drag him to the court.

At this Anupama asks Toshu to show some shame. But a shameless Toshu replies that he is her son and can’t be ashamed.

At this both Kinjal and Toshu get into an argument.

Later Kinjal decides to start her life afresh and she asks Anupama to guide her in her journey.

Now Leela puts the entire blame on Kinjal and says that she destroyed their family. While Anupama decides to support Kinjal at any cost.

Episode Ends!

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