YRKKH Written Update 23 September 2022: Mahima hides the evidence, brings distance between Akshara and Abhimanyu


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Mahima hides the evidence, brings distance between Akshara and Abhimanyu


At the start of today's episode, Abhimanyu announces in front of the media that Kairav murdered his sister and escaped. He says he got a fake passport and was hiding in Mauritius.

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Abhimanyu says Kairav is still looking for an opportunity to escape thus he will be arrested right away. Akshara tries to stop Abhimanyu, but Abhimanyu refuses to stop and calls the inspector to get Kairav arrested.

Abhimanyu then leaves there, while Akshara screams Abhimanyu’s name.

Kairav gets a panic attack and he thinks the inspector will again put him behind the bars. Kairav tries to escape, but the inspector catches Kairav.

Manish pushes the inspector in the heat of the moment and the inspector decides to arrest Manish too for hiding Kairav despite knowing about his charges.

Seeing all this the Goenka family gets worried, while Akshara breaks down seeing Kairav and Manish getting arrested. She thinks Abhimanyu did wrong with her family.

On the other side, Abhimanyu tells Mahima that he gave a birthday gift to Anisha. He then says that she got justice as he has sent Kairav behind the bars.

Hearing this Mahima and the Birla family get teary.

Then Vansh calls and asks his lawyer to do something before it gets late. He says if Kairav will go to jail then it will be a problem for them to get him out.

Abhimanyu decides to see Manjiri. While Mahima, Parth and Anand decide to accompany Abhimanyu.

Just then an angry Akshara comes there and confronts Abhimanyu. She asks him despite she has given him the proof, he got Kairav arrested. At this Mahima asks Akshara to stop manipulating Abhimanyu.

Akshara says she is here to talk with Abhimanyu and ignores Mahima. 

Then Akshara says if Kairav would have been guilty why she would have hidden him at Goenka's villa?

Akshara says despite knowing Abhimanyu will come to see her why she would have called Kairav to meet him. Mahima says this because she was confident Abhimanyu will side with her.

Mahima asks Abhimanyu and others to leave. Akshara says to Abhimanyu that he took a wrong decision by sending Kairav behind the bars and also says that he will regret it.

Abhimanyu decides to go back to his room to fetch the evidence and gets angry after he fails to find the evidence.

Parth asks Mahima if they are doing right by tempering the evidence. Mahima and Parth hide the evidence and Mahima gets adamant to send Kairav behind the bars and asks Parth to shut his mouth.

Then Swarna and Suhasini ask Akshara about the evidence she was talking about. Akshara says she lost it.

At this Arohi accuses Abhimanyu of avenging Manish and Kairav.

Neil thinks both families will never unite now. Harsh asks Anand to stop consuming alcohol as it is not good for his health. At this Anand tells him that it helps to bear the pain of losing Anisha.

Abhimanyu learns Manish got arrested too. The Birla family refuse to get Manish out of the jail, while Abhimanyu thinks Manish should not be in jail.

Akshara thinks Abhimanyu can’t punish Manish and Kairav.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Akshara sings for Manjiri, while Abhimanyu asks Akshara to leave as he is no more interested in her voice and face. Hearing this Akshara gets stunned.

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