YHC Written Update 8th September 2022: Raj gives proof of Rudra-Preesha's love to Pihu; Pihu decides to find the truth


Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th September 2022 Written Update: Raj gives proof of Rudra-Preesha's love to Pihu; Pihu decides to find the truth


At the start of today's episode, Pihu tells the Khurana family that she is not lying. But Rudra thanked her for bringing the CCTV footage. He says that he is going to file a police complaint against Armaan.

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Pihu asks Rudra not to do that because Armaan is innocent. She says that Vidyut is a betrayer. Hearing this Rudra warns her to not utter a word against Vidyut.

Rudra asks Pihu to leave from there, and a sad Pihuleaves from there. Vidyut thinks that Raj and Pihu’s story is over, while Rudra tells Sharda that he won’t spare Armaan.

Then Pihu reaches her home and then she cries hugging Preesha. Everyone asks Pihu what happened to her.

Pihu says that she made a big mistake, just then Rudra comes there with the police and he asks the Police inspector to arrest Armaan.

At this, Digvijay and Preesha ask him what Armaan did. Then Rudra plays the CCTV footage and says that Armaan mixed some powder in Raj’s green tea and he had lost his voice.

Seeing this Armaan says that he was not there at that time. Rudra says that Raj lost his voice because of Armaan. But Armaan says that Rudra lying.

Armaan then adds that it must be a fake video. At this Rudra tells him that Pihu brought this video to him.

Pihu then says that Vidyut was in the video when she saw it in the college, but she doesn’t know from where this video came.

Then Kanchan says that Armaan was not in the green room at that time. But the Police inspector says that Armaan would have mixed something in Raj’s green tea when no one was there.

Armaan tells him that Rudra is behind all this. He says that he is sure this is a fake video.

But the Police inspector orders the Constable to arrest Armaan. Then they arrest Armaan, at this Armaan tells Rudra that it’s not over. While the Police take Armaan from there.

Seeing this Pihu again cries, while Preesha scolds Rudra and asks him to leave from there. Rudra tries to talk with Preesha, but she is angry with Rudra and again she asks him to leave and Rudra leaves.

Saaransh, Ruhi and Vanshika are coming back to the Thakur house in an auto when they see Police taking Armaan.

Then they see Rudra walking out of the Thakur house and both the kids and Vanshika get tensed and ask him why he is not in his Prem's getup and what is he doing here.

Rudra tells them everything that happened. Then Rudra says that today is Friday night so Armaan won’t get bail for two days and then he says that they have to utilize these two days.

At the police station, Armaan asks Digvijay what’s happening. He says that he did not do anything.

At this Digvijay tells him that lawyer is trying for bail. Just then the police inspector tells them that today is Friday so they can't get bail for the next two days.

Then Armaan asks Digvijay to give medicines timely to Preesha in his absence.

On the other side, Rudra tells Saaranash, Ruhi and Vanshika that Preesha will regain her lost memory at any cost.

Ruhi says that they will invite Preesha to her birthday party. She says that they will take Preesha to a picnic.

The next day, Ruhi gives chocolate to Preesha and lies to her that today is her birthday.

Then Ruhi asks gift from her. Preesha asks her what she wants for the gift. At this Ruhi asks her to go picnic with her.

Preesha tells her that today she can’t go with her, hearing this Ruhi starts crying.

Seeing all this Kanchan convinces Preesha to go with Ruhi. Then Digvijay sends Kanchan along with them.

Then before going for the picnic Rudra keeps his phone in the cupboard but forgets to close the cupboard properly and his phone can be seen clearly.

Episode ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Raj shows the love letters of Rudra and Preesha to Pihu. He says that it’s Armaan who came in between them.

Seeing the love letters, Pihu decides to find out the truth.

On the other side, Digvijay calls Kanchan to know if everything is going well there. While speaking over the call with Digvijay, Kanchan sees Prem lifting Preesha up which she does not like.

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