YHC Written Update 30 September 2022: Rudra-Preesha meet with an accident


Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th September 2022 Written Update: Rudra-Preesha meet with an accident


At the start of today's episode, Saaransh tells Ruhi that now Armaan will spend time in the washroom the whole day and he won’t be able to disturb them.

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Pihu asks them what’s going on. Ruhi tells her that they need her help to execute the next part of the plan and then says that she will take food for Preesha.

Ruhi asks Pihu to call Preesha from the landline and offers food to Preesha.

Preesha shows her Mehndi hands to her, while Ruhi feeds her. Pihu calls Preesha from the landline, while Ruhi calls Rudra and asks him to help them.

Rudra takes Preesha’s phone and puts it near her ear. Preesha says that she could not hear anything, and then he takes her aside.

Pihu disconnects the call, but both Rudra and Preesha decide to wait there for two minutes.

Then Rudra notices her belly piercing and asks her if she remembers his reaction when he first time saw her belly piercing and then they share an eye lock.

On the other hand, Armaan wonders what was in the food and starts to search for Preesha and then spots her with Rudra. But Armaan again has to go to the washroom.

While Rudra asks Preesha why she is not able to go away from him, then he says that destiny brings them closer.

Rudra says that even GOD wants them to stay together. At this Preesha tells him that she has to go and leaves from there, while Rudra says to himself that he knows she can feel his love.

On the other side, seeing this Armaan thinks that he has to do something.

Sharda asks one of the servants to give Rudra’s shawl to him. Armaan takes the shawl from the servant saying that he will give it to Rudra.

Then Armaan dips the shawl in the oil and gives it back to the servant. The servant gives the shawl to Rudra.

Later, Armaan sets fire to Rudra’s shawl and Preesha notices Rudra’s shawl burning and quickly removes it to save him.

Everyone comes there, while Sharda notices that Preesha’s dupatta has caught fire and she tells about it to her.

This time Rudra quickly removes Preesha’s dupatta, but Preesha’s lehenga catches fire; however, Rudra is able to save her.

Preesha recalls how he saved Ruhi in the past and wonders how she knows all that.

Then Armaan asks Preesha if she is fine, at this Preesha tells him that Rudra saved her.

Armaan says to her that they should go home, but he goes to the washroom. While Sharda gives a new dupatta to Preesha.

Rudra thinks that Preesha looks disturbed. So, Ruhi takes Preesha to the kitchen and Preesha asks Ruhi if Rudra saved her in the past.

Ruhi asks her how she knows about it and talks about Rudra and Preesha’s Dil ka connection.

Later, Armaan again tells Preesha that they should go home now and Preesha agrees and all of them leave for the house.

But Armaan again has to go to the washroom, while Preesha and Pihu wait outside for him.

Ruhi tells Rudra that Preesha saw her (Ruhi) in the past memory and also tells him that Preesha stopped consuming Armaan’s medicines.

Rudra becomes happy hearing this and says that tomorrow Preesha will regain her memory for sure, while Armaan overhears their conversation.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we see Rudra taking Preesha to the hospital in his car but suddenly the brakes of his car fail and they meet with an accident with a truck and get badly injured.

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