YHC Written Update 29 September 2022: Armaan gets to know Rudra's plan; Rudra-Vanshika's marriage stopped


Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th September 2022 Written Update: Armaan gets to know Rudra's plan; Rudra-Vanshika's marriage stopped


At the start of today's episode, we see Rudra telling Preesha that they have shared many shower moments together.

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Rudra-Preesha meet with an accident

Then Preesha tells him that she has to go and while leaving she slips but Rudra holds her and saves her from falling.

Rudra asks her to not get angry because he did nothing, and then he lifts her up.

On the other hand, Doctor tells Armaan that it’s a sprain and asks him to use the walker for a few days and leaves from there.

Then Armaan leaves the room, while Ruhi joins him and hopes that Armaan doesn’t spot Preesha and Rudra together.

Back in Rudra's room, Preesha asks Rudra to put her down.

Just then Armaan also reaches Rudra's room and gets shocked to see Preesha. He asks her what happened to her.

Preesha recalls that how she pushed Rudra into the washroom and asked him to stay silent. She tells Armaan that she opened the shower by mistake.

While Ruhi wonders where is Rudra.

Then Pihu comes there with a towel and Armaan asks Pihu how she knows about Preesha. Pihu lies to him that she was passing the room and saw Preesha.

Then Pihu murmurs to Preesha that Raj told her that Preesha could be in Rudra’s room.

Seeing Armaan with a walker Preesha asks Armaan about it. He tells her about his sprain.

Then the Thakur family leaves Rudra's room and Ruhi opens the washroom and Rudra comes out.

After some time, Preesha wonders why she loves to stay with Rudra. Armaan asks her what is she thinking about.

Preesha replies to him that she is not thinking anything. While Armaan is sure that she is thinking about Rudra.

The next day, the mehndi ceremony begins and we see the Khurana family dancing. Mehndi specialist lady applies mehndi on Vanshika’s hand.

Then Sharda makes Preesha sit beside Vanshika and the lady applies mehndi on Preesha’s hand as well. Just then Rudra comes there and compliments Vanshika.

They call each other wifey and hubby.

Rudra tells Vanshika that her Mehndi should look beautiful like her. At this Vanshika tells him that she is going to write R on her hand and he has to find out R.

Preesha gets jealous seeing everything.

Then the Mehndi lady asks Preesha what should she write on her hand. Preesha is about to say Armaan but Ruhi puts laddu in her mouth.

Rudra tells the Mehndi lady to write R on Preesha’s hand and the lady writes R on Preesha’s hand.

Seeing this Preesha scolds the lady and asks her to remove R. The lady replies to her that it will ruin the design.

While Rudra tries to make Preesha jealous and says that he and Vanshika look as made for each other.

Rudra then clicks a photo of Preesha’s hand and goes to Armaan and shows the photo to him.

Rudra tells Armaan that Preesha wrote R in her hand because for her he is still her husband.

Then Vanshika tells Rudra that she is hungry. While an angry Armaan decides to teach a lesson to Rudra.

Armaan mixes chilly powder in the food and Rudra feeds that food to Vanshika.

Armaan wonders why they are not reacting and then eats his own food which is the same spicy food.

On the other side, Saaransh tells Ruhi how he had changed the plates.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Armaan spots Preesha and Rudra together. Ruhi informs Rudra that Preesha is not consuming Armaan’s medicines and Armaan hears that.

Rudra is about to marry Vanshika but someone stops the marriage.

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