YHC Written Update 28 September 2022: Preesha's life is in danger, Rudra comes to her rescue


Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th September 2022 Written Update: Preesha's life is in danger, Rudra comes to her rescue


At the start of today's episode, we see the Thakur family enters the Khurana house, while Sharda welcomes them. She tells them that the Haldi ceremony going to begin.

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Then we see Sharda applying haldi to Rudra and Vanshika. Rudra says that he is going to apply haldi on Vanshika.

Vanshika asks him to do it in a special way. He rubs his cheek on her cheek. Preesha gets pissed off seeing that and then recalls how Rudra applied haldi on her like that.

Preesha thinks that she should not think about the past because Rudra is getting married.

While Pihu asks her if she is feeling jealous, so Preesha asks her why she will feel jealous.

Ruhi applies haldi to Rudra and Vanshika and then everyone applies haldi to the couple one by one.

Sharda asks Rudra and Vanshika to change so that they can perform the next rituals.

Rudra tells her that he has to do something, and then he says that he is going to lift Vanshika up.

Rudra lifts Vanshika up and moves from the stage. Seeing this Preesha recalls how Rudra took her to their room in the past.

Vanshika tells Rudra that she will walk now and moves from there. But Preesha makes her fall down.

Rudra asks Vanshika how it happened, while Vanshika tells him that she is fine now and Sharda takes Vanshika from there.

Then Pihu tells Preesha that she saw what she did and says that it’s proved that Preesha is jealous of Vanshika. Rudra thinks that Preesha is getting jealous and his plan is working.

Ruhi apologizes to Preesha and tells her that she is not angry at her now. Ruhi tells her that she will take her to her room.

Ruhi signals at Rudra and leaves from there with Preesha. Sharda notices the haldi that she has to apply to Vanshika.

Then Saaransh takes the haldi from her and thinks that Preesha has a right to this haldi and he pours the haldi on Preesha deliberately and then apologizes to her.

Preesha nods at him and Ruhi takes Preesha to Rudra's room.

Armaan unable to find Preesha asks Saaransh about Preesha. Saaransh tells him that Ruhi took Preesha to the washroom. While Armaan thinks that he can’t trust anyone here.

Rudra asks for a towel and Preesha gives him the towel. He drags her inside the bathroom. At this Preesha asks him what is he doing.

Rudra asks her what is she doing there and says that he assumed her as Vanshika.

Rudra tells her that he and Vanshika planned to take bath together, at this Preesha tells him that she is not interested in all this.

Then by mistake Preesha opens the shower and they both get drenched. She recalls how this happened in the past and thinks that she loves to stay with him.

After waiting for some time for Preesha, Armaan goes upstairs. While Ruhi notices this and Saaransh throws marbles in Armaan’s way.

Armaan falls down after stepping on the marble, seeing this Ruhi tells Armaan that she was playing with marbles and apologies to Armaan.

Then we see Vidyut and Raj take Armaan from there as he is unable to stand up himself.

On the other side, Preesha tells Rudra that it looks like it already happened and he tells her that it happened many times.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Rudra tells Armaan that Preesha wrote R in her hand as for her, he is still her husband, seeing this Armaan gets stunned.

Then we see Preesha’s dupatta catches fire, seeing this everyone gets shocked and Rudra quickly goes to save her, while Armaan looks at all these from afar.

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