YHC Written Update 27 September 2022: Rudra-Preesha's romance; Armaan furious at Rudra


Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th September 2022 Written Update: Rudra-Preesha's romance; Armaan furious at Rudra


At the start of today's episode, Rudra asks Kalindi when she met Raj and how their affair started and asks her to tell him everything.

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Armaan thinks that he has to do something and hence asks Rudra why he is asking personal questions to Kalindi.

Armaan says that Rudra is insulting Kalindi. Rudra tells him that he is trying to protect Kalindi from getting insulted.

Rudra says that media reporters will follow her once they get to know about this. He says that media reporters will question him too.

Rudra tells Armaan that he has the right to know everything. He asks Preesha if he is wrong, while Preesha agrees with Rudra.

Rudra tells Kalindi he will make sure Raj marries her. Preesha recalls how Rudra asked Kaveri to marry him.

Preesha thinks that he is doing all this deliberately so Kalindi confesses the truth.

Rudra talks about Kalindi and Raj’s age gap. Kalindi asks Rudra why she should answer him.

Rudra tells her that media reporters will question her. He tells Preesha that she saved him in Kaveri’s case. Preesha tells him that Kaveri lied.

Just then Vidyut brings Veer there and says that Kalindi is pregnant with Veer’s child. He says that they can prove this with a DNA test.

Vidyut informs Rudra that he has already called a DNA test technician.

Kalindi who is frightened to get exposed says that she is pregnant with Veer’s child.

At this Rudra asks her then why she framed Raj.

Preesha asks Kalindi who her accomplice is. Veer asks Kalindi to tell the truth to them and Kalindi says that she lied for money.

Seeing this Armaan thinks that Rudra is really cunning.

Kalindi says that no one asked her to do this. She says that she thought Rudra will offer money to withdraw the case.

Rudra tells her that she will go to jail now. She pleads with him to forgive him.

Preesha says that Kalindi’s child doesn’t deserve punishment for Kalindi’s mistake. She asks Rudra to forgive Kalindi.

So, Rudra tells Kalindi that he won’t send her to jail, but warns her not to do something like this again.

Pihu asks Kalindi to withdraw the complaint and Kalindi leaves from there with the police officer.

Pihu tells Preesha that she was right about Raj, while Armaan scolds Pihu for lying to him.

Armaan tells Preesha that he would have helped them if they said the truth to him.

At this Preesha replies that if they would have asked for his help, he won't have believed them or helped them, since he has enmity with Rudra.

Rudra tells them that they should attend his marriage. Armaan tells him that he will attend for sure. Rudra thinks that Preesha will return to him.

Later, Digvijay scolds Armaan for deciding to attend Rudra’s marriage. Armaan tells him that he wants to know if this is Rudra’s plan or if he is really getting married.

Preesha throws the medicines away and tells Pihu that she stopped taking medicines, while Pihu praises her.

Meanwhile, Khuranas discuss their plan.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we see Rudra flirting with Vanshika in front of Preesha which makes Preesha jealous.

Later, Saaransh ruins Preesha’s dress by pouring Haldi on her.

Preesha goes to Rudra’s room to get changed when Rudra asks for a towel from his bathroom.

Then we see Rudra who is half naked lifts Preesha in his arms and brings her to his bedroom when Armaan who is searching for Preesha comes into Rudra's room and gets angry after seeing them together.

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