YHC Written Update 26 September 2022: Rudra promises to make Raj marry Kalindi; Kalindi gets stunned


Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th September 2022 Written Update: Rudra promises to make Raj marry Kalindi; Kalindi gets stunned


At the start of today's episode, we see Preesha telling Kalindi that they know that she is pregnant. Kalindi says that she is not pregnant.

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Preesha recalls how she checked Kalindi when She fainted and informs Rudra that Kalindi is pregnant. They assume that Kalindi doing all this due to her husband or boyfriend.

Then Rudra checks Kalindi’s phone and thinks Veer is Kalindi’s boyfriend and then Rudra calls Vidyut and asks him to find out Veer and sends Veer's details to him.

Vidyut calls Veer and pretends like a courier guy and gets Veer’s address. After some time, he reaches Veer's house. He tells him that Kalindi will end up behind the bars.

Veer asks him what she did. Vidyut tells him that his girlfriend lied to the police about her molestation. Veer tells him that he is not understanding what he is saying and asks Vidyut to leave the house, while Vidyut ties him with a chair.

Preesha tells Kalindi that they know about her boyfriend Veer and says that Veer told them the truth.

Kalindi says that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. While Rudra tells her that she will admit it soon and then shows the video of Vidyut and Veer to her and Kalindi gets worried about Veer.

Then we see the Police constable stops Armaan from entering Kalindi’s room. Armaan tells him that Kalindi is in danger. The police constable tells him that nobody entered the room.

Armaan tells him that somebody sneaked into the room and then both the police constable and Armaan enters the room. Preesha asks Armaan what is he doing there.

At this Armaan asks her what is she doing there and also tells her about Pihu’s lie. He says that he came because he was worried about them.

Armaan then asks what is Kalindi doing there. At this Preesha replies to him that Raj never molested Kalindi and says that someone using Kalindi to frame Raj.

Rudra tells Kalindi that she has to tell the truth. Armaan hopes that Kalindi does not take his name. Kalindi thinks that she thought to frame Vidyut but now Vidyut is helping Rudra and Raj so she can’t do anything.

Kalindi thinks that she can’t take Armaan’s name too and says that she is pregnant with Raj’s child that’s why she did all this.

Vidyut asks Veer what is Kalindi saying. While Veer thinks that Kalindi might be getting into trouble.

Armaan praises Kalindi’s idea and Kalindi says that Raj wanted to break up with her and he told her to abort the child. Rudra laughs at hearing this and says that it’s good news.

Rudra tells her to withdraw the complaint and tells her that he will get them married.

Just then Vanshika and Pihu come there and Rudra tells Preesha how Kaveri had framed him and Preesha recalls the past.

Preesha tells Pihu that she remembers everything, while Rudra gets relieved hearing this. Then Vidyut decides to take Veer to the hotel and Rudra talks about Kaveri deliberately before Preesha.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we see Armaan, Preesha and Pihu reach the Khurana house for Rudra's marriage.

Later, Saaransh ruins Preesha’s dress by pouring Haldi on her.

Preesha goes to Rudra’s room to get changed when Rudra asks for a towel from his bathroom.

Then we see both Rudra and Preesha get drenched in the bathroom and both come very close to each other.

Just then Armaan who is searching for Preesha comes into Rudra's room and gets shocked after seeing something.

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