YHC Written Update 24 September 2022: Preesha learns about Kalindi’s pregnancy and is set to expose her


Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th September 2022 Written Update: Preesha learns about Kalindi’s pregnancy and is set to expose her


At the start of today's episode, we saw Armaan wonders why Pihu lied to him and feels like, Rudra is also involved in it.

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Armaan decides to reach the hotel soon, but he gets stuck in the traffic and Vanshika sees him.

Vanshika recalls how Rudra told her to keep an eye on Armaan and not let Armaan reach the hotel. She also recalls how she picked up Rudra’s call when she was waiting outside Armaan’s house.

Vanshika then informs Rudra to switch off Preesha’s phone because Armaan had fixed the tracker in Preesha’s phone. She then sees that Armaan is leaving the house and she follows him.

Vanshika wonders why Armaan going towards the Orchid hotel and how he knows about the Orchid hotel when Rudra had switched off Preesha’s phone.

Vanshika thinks that she has to do something and decides to make sure that Armaan doesn't reach the hotel soon.

Then Vanshika calls a guy and asks him to do her work to block the road towards the hotel, while the guy asks her to pay double.

Vanshika agrees with him and asks him to dump the trees across the road leading to the Orchid hotel.

Then we see Armaan getting stuck on the road due to the tree which has blocked the road (Vanshika's plan).

Armaan thinks that he must find a way to reach the hotel and receives Kalindi’s call and asks her why she is calling him when he told her to not call him.

Armaan tells her that no one should know that he is her accomplice.

At this Kalindi informs him that she is hiding in the Orchid hotel and Rudra caught her but she escaped from him somehow.

Armaan then warns her to not take his name and disconnects the call. Then he realises that Preesha and Kalindi are in the same hotel.

On the other hand, Preesha tells Rudra that she already told him to not do that.

Preesha tells him that she will come there to help pull Rudra up. Pihu tells her that, that’s very risky.

Rudra also asks Preesha to not come, but Preesha goes for Rudra's help.

Preesha tells him that she won’t let anything happen to him and asks him to hold her hand, while Rudra holds her hand.

Then we see Preesha pulls up Rudra and saves him, while Rudra hugs her and Preesha hugs him back.

Seeing this Pihu gets relieved that they are safe and thinks that they are made for each other and God wants to unite them.

Pihu hopes that Preesha regains her memory soon so that Preesha can spend her life with Rudra.

While Preesha thinks that she likes to stay with Rudra.

On the other side, Armaan decides to reach the Orchid hotel by cycle rickshaw. Seeing this Vanshika gets shocked.

Armaan asks the driver to go fast and in doing so the chain of the cycle rickshaw breaks and then the driver tells him that he now has to go to the hotel on his own.

While Vanshika gets relieved that Armaan has been stuck again on the road and decides to call Rudra.

At the hotel, Preesha and Rudra enter Kalindi’s room. Kalindi gets shocked seeing them.

Preesha tells Kalindi that they just want to know the truth. She says that it’s about Raj’s life.

At this time, Kalindi quickly dials Armaan's number (saved as Ramesh's name), so that he can hear the conversation with Rudra and Preesha.

Then Kalindi tells Preesha that she never lied and tries to move towards the door to call the police when she falls down and loses consciousness.

On the other side, Armaan picks up Kalindi’s call and learns that Rudra and Preesha reached Kalindi and he runs towards the hotel.

After some time, Kalindi regains her consciousness and then Preesha tells Kalindi that they know that she is pregnant, while Kalindi gets shocked.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we see Armaan along with police personnel inside Kalindi's room, where Rudra and Preesha are also there.

Along with them, we see Vidyut and one another man (seems like she has something to do with Kalindi).

Rudra and Preesha again ask Kalindi to tell the truth and she agrees to speak up, while Armaan gets impatient.

Later, we see Rudra tells Preesha and Armaan that they have to attend his marriage.

Then Armaan, Preesha and Pihu reach the Khurana house for Rudra's marriage.

Later, Saaransh ruins Preesha’s dress by pouring Haldi on her.

Preesha goes to Rudra’s room to get changed when Rudra asks for a towel from his bathroom.

Then we see both Rudra and Preesha get drenched in the bathroom and both come very close to each other.

Just then Armaan who is searching for Preesha comes into Rudra's room and gets shocked after seeing something.

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