YHC Written Update 19 September 2022: Rudra to marry Vanshika | Yeh Hai Chahatein


Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th September 2022 Written Update: Rudra to marry Vanshika | YHC


At the start of today's episode, we see Arman informing his family that he and Preesha should shift to London while Pihu gets scolded by Digvijay saying she shouldn’t talk much with Raj or Rudra.

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To ensure this, Kanchan goes to the recording sessions with Pihu. While, Pihu signals silently to Rudra, pointing toward Kanchan.

Meanwhile, Vanshika introduces Kalindi to both Raj and Pihu as their vocal mentor but Kalindi tries to flirt with Raj not so subtly.

Pihu notices this and taunts Kalindi, asking if she will only mentor Raj.

After the recording session, Pihu escapes when Kanchan looks elsewhere and informs Rudra about Armaan taking Preesha to London.

Rudra gets panicked and heads toward Khurana House where Armaan can be seen talking to someone on the call to book two flights to London.

Rudra arrives unannounced at the Thakur house and Armaan gets irritated, asking if Rudra has any shame left in him or not.

Rudra acts cool and tells Armaan he used to love Preesha but not anymore. He has no connection with her whatsoever and gives his wedding card to Armaan.

Rudra says he is getting married to Prema, AKA Vanshika, who has been his manager and best friend.

Rudra says since Preesha left him and could not stop humiliating him in front of everyone, now he also doesn't care about her.

Preesha looks at Rudra suspiciously while he acts rudely and meets Pihu outside the house. Pihu asks Rudra if he is marrying Vanshika for real and Rudra says no.

According to Rudra, if he does this, Armaan will feel less threatened by Rudra’s presence while Pihu can stop Preesha from going to London.

Later in the afternoon, Pihu asks Preesha how she is feeling and Preesha says she cannot believe Rudra is marrying someone so quickly.

Pihu says Preesha must attend Rudra’s marriage to say a final goodbye to him and Preesha agrees.

Pihu feels good inwardly while Preesha goes to Armaan and shuts his laptop when he was booking their flight tickets.

Then Preesha tells Armaan that she will not go to London and wishes to attend Rudra’s wedding. Hearing this Armaan gets stunned.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Rudra says that he is going to make two announcements, where Armaan and Preesha are also there.

Just then Kalindi comes there in a distorted condition, seeing this everyone gets tensed and Rudra asks her what happened to her, and she tells Rudra that she has been raped.

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