YHC Written Update 14 September 2022: Armaan out of jail; exposes Prem aka Rudra


Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th September 2022 Written Update: Armaan out of jail; exposes Prem aka Rudra | YHC


At the start of today's episode, we see Pihu gifting the red saree to Preesha while Preesha feels like she has worn it before.

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Then, Preesha tries the saree on and wows Pihu who herself is adorned in a black dress, ready to grace her launch party at the Khurana House.

Pihu compliments Preesha for looking very beautiful while Digvijay asks the gorgeous ladies where they are going.

Preesha says it is Pihu’s launch party while Pihu hesitantly says it is at Khurana House.

Digvijay immediately tells Pihu not to go but Preesha scolds Digvijay saying it is about her career, not Rudra.

Kanchan asks Pihu to go with a free mind while Digvijay goes to inform Armaan about this in jail.

Armaan loses his mind and says if he can go to the extent of giving medicines to Preesha to snatch her memories away, what extent Rudra can go to get Preesha back since he is her real husband?

Armaan instructs Digvijay to go to Khurana House and prevent Rudra from coming closer to Preesha.

On the other side, Preesha feels nostalgic when she enters the Khurana House, saying she has felt all this before.

Later Rudra starts to sing Preesha's favourite song, while Preesha starts to get flashes of her past.

Then Rudra takes Preesha’s hand in his hand, singing the song ‘Will you marry me?’ while Preesha accepts his affection and she holds his shoulders while dancing with him.

Sharda gets emotional watching them while Rudra lifts Preesha in his arms and she remembers the past moments spent with him.

Tucking Preesha’s hair back, Rudra comes very close to Preesha and then he says I love you to Preesha.

Preesha looks at Rudra while she rests her forehead against his, and says I love you back to him.

Hearing this Rudra gets delighted, and then he hugs her, just then Preesha realises that she just said I love you to Rudra and how can she say that to him?

Preesha quickly pushes Rudra away from her, Rudra tries to remind her old memories, while she panics and becomes unconscious.

Rudra brings Preesha to their room and lays her on the bed while Vidyut calls the doctor.

Then we see Preesha laying on the bed when Sharda sprinkles water on Preesha’s face and Preesha slowly regains her consciousness.

Raj holds Rudra’s hand, urging him not to say anything too much and give time to Preesha while Preesha seems scared.

Preesha forgets how she ended up in Rudra’s room while Pihu reminds her of dancing with Rudra.

Preesha feels guilty after she goes back home with Pihu, asking herself how could she do all this.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Armaan gets bail and comes back to his home.

Then he goes near Prem and removes his fake beard, hair, eyebrows and specs.

Seeing this everyone gets shocked, while Preesha is so shocked seeing Rudra that she is unable to believe her eyes.

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