YHC Written Update 13 September 2022: Rudra-Preesha coming close


Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th September 2022 Written Update: Rudra-Preesha coming close


At the start of today's episode, we see Rudra tells Pihu that Preesha lost her memories because of the medicines. And then he informs her that what Doctor said about Preesha’s memory loss.

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Rudra says that he has to save Preesha from Armaan at any cost, hearing this Pihu tells him that, that can’t be true.

Ruhi tells her that she saw Armaan mixing medicine in Preesha’s water.

While Rudra says to Pihu that Ruhi never lies and then he reveals that he found medicine in Armaan’s room and how he replaced the medicine.

Rudra says that he took Preesha to a picnic so she could remember their past memories and that is a complete truth.

Pihu tells him that her heart wants to believe him but how can she ignore the truth which is in front of her already?

Pihu says that even Preesha said that Rudra tried to kill her and then she asks him to prove his truth and also prove that he loves Preesha.

Rudra tells her that he will prove his love because he can do anything for Preesha, but he says that he needs her help for that.

Rudra says that he knows Pihu loves Preesha, while she tells him that she will help him for Preesha’s sake and she also wants Preesha to know the truth.

Then Pihu asks Rudra what is their next plan because, on Monday, Armaan will get bail.

Rudra tells them how he had organized an anniversary party for Preesha in the past and suggests recreating that party. He then says that he will sing the song “will you marry me.”

Rudra informs them that Preesha was wearing a red saree on that day. So, he asks Pihu to bring Preesha to the party, but Pihu says that it's not possible.

Rudra then says that he has decided to launch Raj and Pihu so it’s going to be a launch party and reveals that he even talked to K music company.

Rudra tells her that he saw her and Raj’s talent and says that tomorrow's launch party will happen at the Khurana house.

At this Pihu says that it’s about her career so her family won’t oppose it. So, Rudra tells her that Raj will call her to invite her to the launch party.

While Sharda tells Pihu that she will send a red saree tomorrow for Preesha.

The next day, Raj calls Pihu and thanks her for understanding Rudra, and then Pihu puts the phone on speaker.

Raj informs her that K music company selected them for their next music album, and he invites her to the launch party. Pihu convinces Preesha to accompany her.

Rudra hears their conversation and thinks that this time Preesha will feel her husband’s love.

After some time, Preesha selects a saree to wear to the party. Then Pihu gives a red saree to her that has been sent by Sharda.

Seeing the red saree Preesha recalls how Rudra had gifted her red saree for their marriage anniversary.

Preesha then starts to imagine that, Rudra tells her that she will look sexy in this saree, while she places kisses on his face and then she comes back to reality.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Raj calls Pihu and informs her that one music company have selected them for their next music album.

Raj asks Pihu to reach in the launch event tomorrow, which has been organized for them.

Pihu takes Preesha to the launch party. While Armaan who is still in jail tells Digvijay to attend the party and keep an eye on Rudra and his family.

At the party, Rudra sings Preesha's favourite song and then he offers to dance with her. This time Preesha accepts Rudra's dance offer and then both Rudra and Preesha confess their love to each other.

Seeing this the Khurana family gets happy, while Digvijay gets shocked, thinking Preesha has regained her old memories.

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