YHC Written Update 12th September 2022: Preesha regains her memory - says I Love You to Rudra!


Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th September 2022 Written Update: Preesha regains her memory - says I Love You to Rudra!


At the start of today's episode, Sharda takes Pihu to Rudra’s room and Pihu gets shocked seeing Preesha’s photos, then Sharda shows Preesha's belongings to her.

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Sharda says that Rudra has kept everything safely, as Rudra believes that one-day Preesha will come back to him.

Then Sharda tells Pihu that she can see only love in those photos and not hatred. She questions Pihu, that Preesha is Rudra’s life, so how can he torture her?

Sharda says that Rudra will do anything for Preesha and by mistake reveals that now Rudra is living in her house as a gardener and also the kids living there because they can’t stay away from their mother.

Sharda asks her how can she question Rudra’s love. Pihu gets shocked hearing everything and then Sharda realises what she said.

At the Thakur house, Preesha tells Ruhi, she enjoyed the most today and thanks Ruhi for such a great party. While Prem tells her that they should thank her.

Just at that time, Digvijay tells them that one more surprise waiting for them. He takes them inside and shows Rudra’s phone to them.

Rudra realises that it's his phone and wonders how did Digvijay find it, he thinks that he should have closed the cupboard properly.

Then Preesha asks Digvijay if he is gifting a phone to Ruhi. Digvijay tells her that this phone belongs to someone else. So Preesha asks him whose phone is this.

At this Digvijay makes a shocking revelation that it's Rudra’s phone. Preesha gets stunned and asks him how is that possible. He tells her that he found this phone in Prem’s cupboard.

Hearing this Preesha asks Prem about Rudra’s phone, while Digvijay tells her that Armaan was right about Prem.

Then Preesha tells Prem that she treated him like a family member, and just at that time Sharda comes there and tells Saaransh that he brought Rudra’s phone there by mistake.

Everyone gets shocked hearing this and Sharda asks Saaransh where is Rudra’s phone, while Saaransh points at Digvijay.

Sharda tries to take the phone from Digvijay, but Digvijay does not give it to her and instead asks why Saaransh was quiet till now.

Smart Saaransh tells him that he got to know now that he had brought Rudra’s phone by mistake.

Sharda says that she is getting late and then she takes the phone from Digvijay and leaves from there.

Later, Rudra thanked Sharda for saving him from getting exposed and he asks her how she knew about the phone.

Just then Pihu also comes there and tells him that she told Sharda about the phone and calls him - "Rudraksh Khurana."

Rudra gets stunned and he pretends to be Prem. But Pihu tells him that she knows the truth.

Then Sharda says that she told the truth to Pihu, at this Rudra questions her why she shared the truth with her.

So Sharda tells him everything and how Pihu promised to not tell the truth to anyone. Hence, Pihu also told her about Rudra’s phone.

Then they both came here and Sharda texted Saaransh and called him outside and took Saaransh’s phone from him and the rest everyone knows.

Pihu asks Rudra to tell the entire truth to her about him and Preesha. Rudra tells her that he loves Preesha a lot and says that he is living only for Preesha and that Preesha is his life.

Rudra tells Pihu about their last fight and separation a year ago. Then after a year, he saw Preesha as Armaan’s wife, when he tried to talk to Preesha, he realised that Preesha does not remember anything.

Rudra says, that Preesha did not lose her memory, it has been snatched from her.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Raj calls Pihu and informs her that one music company have selected them for their next music album.

Raj asks Pihu to reach in the launch event tomorrow, which has been organized for them.

Pihu takes Preesha to the launch party. While Armaan who is still in jail tells Digvijay to attend the party and keep an eye on Rudra and his family.

At the party, Rudra sings Preesha's favourite song and then he offers to dance with her. This time Preesha accepts Rudra's dance offer and then both Rudra and Preesha confess their love to each other.

Seeing this the Khurana family gets happy, while Digvijay gets shocked, thinking Preesha has regained her old memories.

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