YHC Written Update 10 September 2022: Pihu calls Prem - Rudraksh Khurana; Preesha shocked to know it


Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th September 2022 Written Update: Pihu calls Prem - Rudraksh Khurana; Preesha shocked to know it


At the start of today's episode, we see that Rudra thinks that Preesha remembered how they ate cotton candy with each other. He asks Preesha if she remembered someone.

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Kanchan says that Preesha must be missing Armaan. Prem says that Armaan and Preesha don’t look like they love each other. She asks him how he knows that.

Prem says that he can feel it, at this she asks him to don’t say such things again, so Prem apologizes to her.

Then Prema tells Kanchan that Prem has experience in love so, he can recognize true love.

Later, Ruhi takes Preesha to an ice cream stall. Prema tells Preesha that Prem is a romantic person. She says that they used to share the same Ice-Gola.

While Preesha recalls how Rudra brought just one Ice-Gola and he suggested sharing it because sharing food makes love stronger and they shared the Ice-Gola.

Then Rudra tricked her and kissed her on the cheek. Preesha thinks that it looks like she loved Rudra.

Rudra tells his kids and Vanshika that Preesha is remembering their fond memories and also says that their medicine is having a positive effect.

On the other hand, Digvijay talks to the lawyer about Armaan’s bail and goes to the outhouse to scold Prem. But he realises that Prem had gone on a picnic with the kids.

Digvijay then thinks that this is a good opportunity to check if Prem is involved with Rudra or not and finds Rudra’s phone in Prem’s cupboard.

Digvijay notices that the phone is locked and decides to find out how Prem has an expensive phone.

On the other side of the story, Prem tells Preesha that she must be tired and asks her to give Ruhi to him, but she refuses and says that she feels at ease whenever Ruhi is with her.

Preesha adds that she feels like she is related to Ruhi, while Prem tells her that it looks like Ruhi is her daughter and says that she looks happy today.

Prem tells her that he never saw her like today before. At this Preesha replies to him that she was very happy and says that she did not miss anything.

Then Prem asks her if she did not even miss Armaan too and then realising his mistake apologizes to her.

Prem quickly changes the conversation and says that Armaan is in jail so she must be worried about him. While Preesha tells him that she did not think about Armaan at all today.

Then Prem leaves from there and thinks that today he realised Armaan has no place in Preesha’s heart or in her life.

At the police station, Digvijay shows the phone to Armaan and says that he found it in Prem’s cupboard and reveals that it’s Rudra’s phone.

Armaan says that he was right and says that Prem works for Rudra. Armaan tells Digvijay that this is solid proof, while he gets angry after knowing that everyone has gone for the picnic.

At the Thakur house, Digvijay enters his house and tells about Rudra’s phone to Pihu.

Knowing this Pihu wonders what’s going on and then she goes to meet Raj at the Khurana house.

At the Khurana house, Sarda sees Pihu there and questions her visit, and she replies that she wants to meet Raj.

At this Sarda again questions the reason for her meeting with Raj, at this time Pihu says that she wants to know the truth of Rudra and Preesha’s relationship.

Hearing this Sharda takes Pihu to Rudra’s room and shows Preesha's happy pictures.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, at the entrance of the Thakur house we will see Preesha telling Ruhi, that although it was her birthday, she enjoyed the most.

Just at that time, Digvijay also comes there and says that one more surprise is waiting for them.

Then Digvijay shows Rudra’s phone to them everyone including Preesha.

Seeing this, Prem goes mum and thinks about how he came to know about the phone. When Pihu says that she told him about the phone and then she calls Prem - "Rudraksh Khurana."

Hearing this everyone gets shocked, while Preesha's eyes go wide open with this shocking truth.

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