YHC 7 September 2022 Written Update: Vidyut frames Armaan; Armaan gets arrested


Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th September 2022 Written Update: Vidyut frames Armaan; Armaan gets arrested


At the start of today's episode, Prem says that he didn't know that Preesha is a doctor. At this Preesha tells him that she is not a doctor.

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Then Prem asks her how she did the delivery if she is not a doctor. Presha says that she also does not understand how she did it, she just did what her mind told her to do.

Preesha adds that it felt like she had already done delivery in the past. At this Prem tells her that she is a doctor for him because she did everything well.

While Preesha wonders how she knows everything about delivery.

Then Digvijay says that delivery videos are available online and Preesha would have watched them. But Preesha says that’s possible.

While Armaan thinks that he has to increase the dose of Preesha’s medicine.

In the college, Pihu gets the pen drive from the Security officer. She decides to show the CCTV footage to Raj and Rudra and she sends a message to Raj.

On the other side, Rudra, Saaransh, Ruhi, and Vanshika celebrate their success. Saaransh says that everything went as per their plan.

Vanshika asks what are they going to do with the goat and its child. At this, Rudra tells her that they can send them to their place.

Then Rudra receives a message from Raj.

At the Khurana house, Rudra asks Pihu why she gathered everyone. Pihu tells Vidyut that she never thought he will stoop this low, and then she says that Vidyut is a betrayer.

Rudra gets confused and asks her what is all this. He then asks Vidyut why Pihu is blaming him again.

Vidyut tells him that he has changed and he has no idea why Pihu blaming him. Pihu tells Rudra that Vidyut did not change at all, he is acting to be nice.

This makes Vidyut aggressive and he asks her to stop talking nonsense.

Then finally, Pihu reveals that Raj lost his voice because of Vidyut. She says that Vidyut had mixed some powder in Raj’s green tea.

Hearing this Vidyut asks Pihu if she has any proof.

So Pihu says that she does have proof and then informs Rudra that she has the CCTV footage of the green room.

Then Pihu plays the CCTV footage and everyone gets shocked seeing Armaan mixing something in Raj’s green tea, especially Pihu.

Seeing the video changed, Pihu says that this is not the truth. She adds that she saw Vidyut in this CCTV footage.

At this Vidyut recalls how he saw Pihu seeing CCTV footage. He got the original CCTV footage from the Security officer.

Then Vidyut ordered the Security officer to give fake CCTV footage to Pihu and now he thinks that Pihu’s game is over.

Vidyut then asks Pihu if she brought any fake video to frame him. He says that looks like Pihu showed the original CCTV footage by mistake.

Vidyut goes on to tell Rudra that Pihu had problems with him since the beginning. At this Pihu says that she is not lying. She adds that she saw Vidyut only in the CCTV footage.

At this Vidyut tells her that her game is over. She tells him that he would have changed the CCTV footage.

Hearing all these, Rudraksh starts to get irritated and asks Pihu to stop it and says that Armaan is the real culprit.

Then Raj asks Pihu if she will go against Armaan for him. Rudra says that he is going to file a police complaint against Armaan.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see the Police arrest Armaan.

While Rudra, Saaransh, Ruhi and Vanshika discuss their new plan.

On the other side, the police inspector tells Armaan that, since today is Friday so he won’t get bail for the next two days. Then Armaan asks Digvijay to give medicine to Preesha.

Lastly, we see that while playing basketball Prem lifts Preesha to help her to put basketball, which surprises Preesha and Kanchan sees all this and gets annoyed.

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