Udaariyaan Written Update 15 September 2022: Fateh learns the truth about Naaz


Udaariyaan 15th September 2022 Written Update: Fateh learns the truth about Naaz 


At the start of today's episode, we see Nehmat crying seeing her cycle broken and Tejo pacifying her.

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Just at that time, Naaz comes running crying and tells Nehmat to take her cycle but Fateh pacifies both of them to stop crying.

Meanwhile, Tejo takes Naaz while Fateh remains behind to get Nehmat's cycle repaired.

A man approaches Fateh and informs him about Naaz breaking the cycle and Fateh gets shocked hearing the words and recalls Naaz crying.

Later, Tejo and Fateh are worried about Naaz’s trauma and decide not to tell Nehmat anything about her cycle incident.

Afterwards, Nehmat comes from school and requests Fatejo to show their marriage photos but not finding any she gets shocked and accuses them of marrying secretly.

Nehmat accuses them of not calling her at their wedding and requests Fatejo to get married again so she can take photos and attend her parent's wedding.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet and Khushbeer agree to Nehmat’s idea and Fateh gets excited while Tejo refuses.

After some time, Tejo is seen talking to Sati about Naaz’s weird behaviour, while Sati informs her about Naaz not coming out of her room since she came from the park.

Suddenly Naaz comes crying and takes Tejo to a dark room and locks her in the room.

The light turns on and the room is decorated beautifully. Fateh hugs Tejo from behind and proposes to her again sitting on his knees.

Emotional Tejo agrees to marry him again and Fateh kisses her hand putting the ring on her finger.

Just then, an ecstatic Nehmat enters and showers rose on her parents and hugs them.

In Sandhu’s house, Naaz is standing on the balcony crying and recalling Jasmine’s words and praying to god to give her the luxuries that Nehmat has.

On the other hand, Nehmat shows her gratitude to God for giving her the best parents in the world.

In Fatejo's room, both Fateh and Tejo are talking about their marriage romantically.

In the living room, Nehmat is dancing and the family requests Nehmat to tell them the reason for her happiness.

Nehmat informs everyone about Fatejo agreeing to marry again while Khushbeer gifts her a camera.

Meanwhile, Fatejo decides to talk to Naaz about adoption after their marriage.

The next morning, Nehmat is capturing the wedding preparations on her camera but Fatejo takes Nehmat to her room.

Fateh informs Nehmat about Naaz not getting enough love from her parents so they want to adopt Naaz as her sister.

However, Nehmat asks them what if she refuses their decision.

Episode Ends!

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