Rajjo Written Update 8th September 2022: Pushkar learns that Rajjo is his illegitimate daughter


Rajjo 8th September 2022 Written Update: Pushkar learns that Rajjo is his illegitimate daughter


At the start of today's episode, Rajjo breaks down, because she could not find her mom.

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Meanwhile, at Arjun’s house, Madhu checks Arjun’s room and finds a girl’s hair strand on Arjun’s bed.

At the rescue centre, Arjun offers his handkerchief to Rajjo. He assures Rajjo that they will find her mom.

On the other side, Manorama is hopeful of finding Rajjo.

At Arjun’s house, Madhu wonders whose hair it is. She confirms that it can’t be Urvashi or anyone in the family, but an outsider’s hair. She wonders whose hair it is then.

Madhu then notices smoke coming from the washroom. She goes to check and finds a woman standing in the darkness holding a candle.

Madhu gets scared and runs downstairs, calling out to her family members. The family rushes to Madhu and asks what happened.

Madhu says that there’s a witch in Arjun’s room. The family refuses to believe her and tries to convince her it’s her misconception.

Madhu refuses and says that a witch followed Arjun when he returned from Nainital, so he has been acting weird for the past few days. She shows the hair she found on Arjun’s bed.

Madhu then scolds Chirag when he comments and asks him to stay away from Arjun’s matter. She says that she has decided what to do to get rid of the witch.

On the other side of the story, Rajjo is seen praying, and sitting under a tree. Arjun says to Rajjo that he can take her to the nearby temple if she wants to perform a prayer.

Rajjo says that God is there where there is faith. Arjun also sits along with Rajjo and prays. Rajjo prays to God to help her to find her mom.

Later both Arjun and Rajjo return home and Arjun first goes to his room and is surprised to find the house very calm. He signals Rajjo to stay on the balcony.

Arjun notices smoke coming from his bathroom and goes to check.

Meanwhile, Madhu and Kartick are on the way with a Baba. Madhu says to Baba that she followed his instructions and asked everyone in the family to stay in their room.

Madhu asks if Arjun will be fine, at this Baba says that Arjun seems to be running behind the witch.

Arjun is about to close the hot water tab when he gets pushed into the bathtub.

Rajjo assumes that Arjun fell down after hearing the noise and wants to go to help, but stops herself.

In the bathroom, Arjun is surprised to find Urvashi there. Arjun hopes that Rajjo doesn’t come to the washroom.

Urvashi says that he didn’t come for the trip, so she has come. She says that Arjun hesitates to come closer to her before the marriage, so he is making excuses.

Then Urvashi rests her head on his shoulder and reminds him that they’re engaged and asks him to stop hesitating.

Just then, Madhu and the family members come there along with the Baba. They find Arjun sitting in the bathtub covered with flowers.

Seeing this the family teases Arjun, while Madhu says that it’s an effect of the witch. Arjun asks them to leave, giving him privacy.

Then they all leave, while Urvashi, who is hiding under the water, comes out.

On the other side, Pushkar comes into the room and starts coughing due to the smoke and falls down.

Pushkar starts to have difficulty in breathing, so he tries to reach out to his inhaler which is on the bed.

Meanwhile, Baba says to Madhu that he has put smoke in every room in the house, so the witch can’t escape and will be stuck in the room.

Arjun and Urvashi come out of the washroom and then Urvashi hugs Arjun, while Rajjo peeps outside from the cupboard.

Arjun notices her and Urvashi asks Arjun to be naughty on their honeymoon and then she leaves.

At this Rajjo teases Arjun and tells him that his mom brought a baba to get rid of the witch that’s behind him.

On the other side, the Baba gathers everyone in the hall and tells them how the witch would have entered the house.

Arjun gets ready to leave, while Rajjo asks Arjun to give her mom’s medal to Baba and to ask him to locate her mom.

Arjun says to Rajjo to give it to him as he knows someone who can help her.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Pushkar faints and starts having difficulty in breathing. Rajjo helps him by giving him an inhaler.

Later, Pushkar asks Arjun about the girl who saved him. Arjun says that her name is Rajjo and she lost her mom.

Arjun seeks Pushkar’s help to find Rajjo's mom. He shows him Rajjo’s mom’s medal and says that she’s an athlete.

Seeing the medal, Pushkar recalls throwing Manorama out of the academy and denying her being the father of her child.

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