Rajjo Written Update 7 September 2022: Rajjo saves her biological father


Rajjo 7th September 2022 Written Update: Rajjo saves her biological father


At the start of the episode, Dadaji stops Kalindi from opening the cupboard in which Rajjo is hiding and asks all of them to leave the room.

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At this, Madhu gets suspicious that Arjun is hiding something.

After the family leaves the room, Arjun asks Rajjo to come out of the cupboard, and Rajjo obliges.

Rajjo feels guilty that Arjun had to lie to his mom because of her. She expresses the same and apologizes to Arjun.

Arjun says that he got news about her mom. Rajjo asks if it’s bad or good news.

Arjun says that he doesn't know, hearing this Rajjo starts to cry, thinking that it’s bad news, but Arjun asks Rajjo not to assume anything right now.

Then Rajjo wipes her tears and takes out her mom’s medal and says that she will sleep hugging it.

Seeing this Arjun asks if her mom won a medal. Rajjo says that she doesn’t know when she won.

Arjun checks the medal and says that it’s a state-level gold medal and her mom won a running race.

Now Arjun understands how Rajjo is able to run so fast. She inherited this from her mom.

Rajjo says that she never knew this and thanks Arjun for telling her this. She says that her mom hated her running and even punished her for that.

Rajjo says that running isn’t my obsession, but it’s in her blood. Arjun asks if her mom never told her this.

Rajjo replies, no. She says that she got the medal on the night of the flood and then they got separated.

Arjun says that he has a reason and is compelled to hide Rajjo from his family and, in the same way, her mom could also have a reason for hiding that from her.

Arjun says that sometimes the truth can be painful. He advises her to question her rights, not with doubts.

Then Rajjo starts to sing, seeing this Arjun asks why she is singing.

Rajjo says that music can heal any pain and she’s trying to heal their pain. Arjun asks Rajjo to stop singing so that no one can hear her voice.

Arjun says that Rajjo didn’t eat properly, so he will get food for her when the family goes to sleep.

Rajjo thinks that Arjun is worried and she decides to sing a lullaby for Arjun.

On the other side, Urvashi is waiting for Arjun.

But Arjun who is at home serves food on a plate after everyone in the house sleeps, but Madhu catches him.

Arjun lies he is still hungry even after eating outside food. At this Madhu heats the food in a microwave and gives it to Arjun.

Arjun hugs Madhu and says” love you mom” and then he leaves.

But Madhu doubts Arjun since he didn’t look into her eyes, so she understood that he is lying. She wonders what is he hiding in his room.

Then, Arjun and Rajjo share the food. Rajjo says that eating from the same plate increases love. She says that he should eat properly so that his anger is reduced.

Hearing this, Arjun gets angry and scolds Rajjo, but Rajjo teases Arjun. Then Arjun starts to get hiccups. Rajjo stands on his feet to stop his hiccups.

Rajjo wants to make a decorative hanging part for Urvashi as Arjun isn’t able to go on the forest trip because of her.

Arjun realizes that he forgot about their trip. He tries to call Urvashi, but her phone is not reachable due to network problems. Arjun again starts to have hiccups.

On the other side, Urvashi imagines dancing sensually with Arjun. She realizes that it’s her imagination and gets angry with Arjun.

Rajjo advises Arjun to leave a message for Urvashi’s mom. Arjun does the same.

As Arjun’s hiccups don’t stop, he asks Rajjo to help him. Rajjo stands on his feet again, when Rajjo and Arjun share an eye lock.

Arjun says that he is fine now and asks Rajjo to go and sleep now. He says that they will go to find her mom the next day.

Meanwhile, Madhu decides to check Arjun’s room to find what he is hiding from her.

The next day, Rajjo and Arjun go to the rescue centre and they learn that Manorama is in that centre. They get the room number in which she’s staying.

Rajjo is overjoyed to hear this and she runs to meet her mom. Her mom’s medal falls down, and Arjun picks it up.

On the other side, a lady advises Manorama to go and find her daughter instead of waiting for her here.

Then Rajjo reaches the room in which her mom stays.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Pushkar faints and starts having difficulty in breathing. Rajjo helps him by giving him an inhaler.

Later, Pushkar asks Arjun about the girl who saved him. Arjun says that her name is Rajjo and she lost her mom.

Arjun seeks Pushkar’s help to find Rajjo's mom. He shows him Rajjo’s mom’s medal and says that she’s an athlete.

Seeing the medal, Pushkar recalls throwing Manorama out of the academy and denying her being the father of her child.

Will Rajjo be able to meet Manorama at the rescue centre?

Will Pushkar know that Rajjo is his and Manorama's love child?

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