Rajjo Written Update 29 September 2022: Rajjo shuts Vicky's mouth for speaking ill against Arjun


Rajjo 29th September 2022 Written Update: Rajjo shuts Vicky's mouth for speaking ill against Arjun


At the start of today's episode, we see Rajjo imagining Arjun talking to her and Rajjo tells him that she misses him.

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However, Rajjo's imagination breaks and sees Vicky standing in front of her and he says “statue” and touches her creepily.

Rajjo does not like his behaviour and starts to walk inside the house but Vicky taunts Rajjo by saying she has spent 2 weeks with Arjun alone in his room.

Then Vicky crosses his line and accuses Rajjo of paying a price to Arjun for his help and questions her character.

Hearing this Rajjo becomes furious and screams at Vicky to shut up and compares Arjun with GOD and angrily goes inside.

Seeing this, Manorama asks Rajjo about the reason for her sadness, while Rajjo asks her how to identify bad touch.

On the other hand, Urvashi puts her head on Arjun’s shoulder and both drink fruit wine from the same glass.

Looking into Urvashi’s beautiful eyes, Arjun holds her delicate body in his arms and dances with her.

Urvashi feels her breath hitch when Arjun teases her with his feathery touches on his arms.

Back in Rajjo's room, hearing Manorama’s words, Rajjo recalls Arjun when she is talking about good intentions.

However, Vicky’s face flashes in front of her when Manorama talks about bad intentions.

Seeing Rajjo lost in her thoughts, Manorama asks Rajjo if she finds comfort in someone's arms but Rajjo hugs her and cries.

Meanwhile, Manorama assures Rajjo that Vicky will keep her happy and she will love him eventually.

In Arjun’s room, Urvashi confesses her love for him and Arjun tells her that he will wait for her during their Haldi ceremony.

Later, Arjun sits with Chirag and his brother advises him to talk to Rajjo as he is worried about her, but Arjun refuses to call.

Not listening to Arjun’s refusal, Chirag calls Rajjo and Vicky picks up the call.

Meanwhile, Chirag asks Vicky to give the phone to Rajjo but Vicky lies to them about Rajjo being exhausted after dancing with him.

At the same time, Rajjo comes out of the room and Vicky cuts the call panicky and puts the phone on aeroplane mode.

Rajjo calls Vicky inside and he apologises to her for his harsh words.

On the other hand, Chirag expresses his suspicion of Vicky taking advantage of Rajjo while Arjun is worried about her.

While Vicky exclaims he is only worried about the money that he will get from Pushkar after sending Rajjo out of India's border.

Episode Ends!

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