Rajjo Written Update 28 September 2022: Rajjo is in big trouble; Madhu hides about it from Arjun


Rajjo 28th September 2022 Written Update: Rajjo is in big trouble; Madhu hides about it from Arjun


At the start of today's episode, we see Vicky introducing his friends with Rajjo and Manorma.

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Rajjo shuts Vicky's mouth for speaking ill against Arjun

On the other side, Police get Arjun's phone number and his subordinate officer tries to contact Arjun.

As Arjun is busy practising his dancing steps with Urvashi and her cousins, he does not receive the call.

Then Pushkar receives an audio message from Vicky asking Pushkar to keep his money ready as he will do his work after the marriage.

Pushkar replies with an audio message asking Vicky to complete the task without any errors.

Arjun hears Pushkar mentioning Vicky's name and asks Pushkar if he was talking to Rajjo's fiance Vicky.

Pushkar lies that he is talking to his accountant Vicky, whom Arjun knows. Then Pushkar taunts Arjun about taking care of Rajjo even when he is getting married to Urvashi.

Arjun says sorry and leaves. Then Arjun receives the police call, but his phone gets switched off before he can receive the call.

Arjun puts the phone on the charger and leaves. The Inspector asks his subordinate to find Arjun's address or landline number.

On the other side, the priest asks Rajjo's father's name for the puja. Rajjo says that her mother is her father and she reveals Manorama's name.

Then again the priest requests to disclose the name of Rajjo's father as it is a ritual.

Vicky intervenes and says it doesn't matter and pretends to support Rajjo to win the trust of Rajjo and Manorama. Manorama assures Rajjo that Vicky is a good boy and that he will keep her happy.

Vicky whispers to his friends how he will sell Rajjo after the marriage and then smirks.

Back at the Thakur house, Arjun asks his family to do his tilak and make him feel special. Chirag advises Arjun not to feel guilty and smiles.

Madhu and Pratap are happy to see Arjun and Chirag happy together. Pratap advises Madhu to give love instead of taunting Chirag and some space for Arjun instead of love.

On the other side, the Police decide to call on the landline number of the Thakur house.

Then we see Madhu dancing happily and Arjun smiles seeing Madhu happy. Rocky takes Kalindi aside for romance and the landline rings.

Kalindi receives the call and the Inspector tells her that they want to talk about Vicky.

Inspector says that he wants to talk to Arjun about Vicky, a highly wanted criminal and Arjun know him.

Kalindi says it means Rajjo's future groom is a criminal. She asks the inspector to wait for a moment and turns to look for Madhu.

Madhu does not want Arjun to go to save Rajjo. Kalindi tells Madhu that the police want to talk to Arjun as he was seen with Vicky.

Kalindi says police may take action against Arjun in future. 

Seeing this Pushkar intervenes and says that he will handle the police and sends Madhu and Kalindi away. Pushkar then speaks with the inspector over the call.

On the other side, Arjun looks at Urvashi with an evil eye.

Meanwhile, Pushkar tells the inspector that Arjun witnessed an accident and helped them, but he has no relation with Vicky or anyone else travelling in the car.

Pushkar says that Arjun is about to get married, so he asks the inspector not to involve him in this case.

On the other hand, Manorama finds Rajjo sad and sitting with her phone.

Later Arjun turns on his phone to find the last number from which he had received the call and is shocked to find that there are no numbers in his call log.

Then Pushkar informs Madhu that he has deleted Arjun's call log so that he does not go to save Rajjo.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see Arjun’s Haldi ceremony going on while Rajjo and Vicky are having their Haldi ceremony.

Then we see Vicky and later his friends misbehave with Rajjo. Rajjo pushes them down and warns them not to touch her again.

On the other side, we see an Arjun angrily getting up from his wedding mandap.

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