Rajjo Written Update 27 September 2022: Vicky planned to trafficking Rajjo; Arjun leaves his wedding to rescue Rajjo's


Rajjo 27th September 2022 Written Update: Vicky planned to trafficking Rajjo; Arjun leaves his wedding to rescue Rajjo's


At the start of today's episode, we see Arjun getting treated for his wound in the hospital. The doctor says that he won’t feel pain as he gave him an injection.

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Rajjo is in big trouble; Madhu hides about it from Arjun

Arjun remembers a flashback in which Arjun cared for Rajjo and smiled.

Arjun thinks that he should stop thinking about Rajjo as she’s happy in her life and focus on Urvashi. He takes out his phone to message her, but he is unable.

Meanwhile, Rajjo is waiting for Arjun’s call/message. Manorama arrives there and says that Rajjo should wear a black bangle along with yellow bangles, it seems Vicky forgot to bring it.

Just then, Rajjo’s friend and her mom arrive there to attend Rajjo’s wedding. They say that they brought black bangles for Rajjo.

Rajjo’s friend is excited to see Rajjo’s new phone and clicks a selfie with her. She then clicks Rajjo’s photo alone. Rajjo sees her photo and says that if she sends this photo to Arjun, he will pull her leg.

Rajjo’s friend asks whom she’s talking about. Rajjo says no one and asks her to return her phone. Her friend refuses and insists on telling whom she was talking about.

Rajjo’s photo gets sent to Arjun mistakenly and Arjun sees Rajjo’s photo. 

Madhu, Chirag, Pushkar and Kavita are in the hospital. Chirag assures Madhu that Arjun is fine and gives her a water bottle to drink.

Madhu says that she feels happy to see Chirag fulfilling his elder brother’s duties. Pushkar says to Madhu that, in one way, it’s good that Arjun got a small injury and got saved from any bigger danger.

Madhu says that Rajjo is the biggest danger and says that it’s good that she left. Pushkar receives a call and goes aside to talk.

The doctor says to Madhu and Chirag that they can meet Arjun. They thank him and go inside. The doctor sees Pushkar and recognizes him as the same person who brought a pregnant Manorama to him. 

Chirag sees that Arjun is looking at Rajjo’s photo and he calls out to him to alert him. Arjun hides his phone before Madhu sees Rajjo’s photo on his phone.

Madhu says to Arjun that the doctor said that he is fine. Arjun jokes that he wants to dance in his pre-wedding ceremony. Chirag asks if he is sure he doesn’t have any pain, referring to his heart.

Arjun says that he doesn’t want any more pain and puts his phone in his pocket.

Meanwhile, the doctor confronts Pushkar. He says that years before, Pushkar brought a pregnant Manorama to him to do her abortion even without her knowledge.

The doctor says that he did search for Manorama and found out she’s an athlete. He rebukes Pushkar for ruining Manorama’s life and pushes him and walks away.

Arjun and Kavita see this and ask Pushkar why the doctor behaved rudely towards him. Pushkar lies that the doctor behaved that way as he refused to give a donation to his hospital.

Pushkar thinks that Manorama and Rajjo are haunting him and it’s good that he let Vicky handle them. 

Vicky sees Rajjo talking to her friend and is happy about making money by trafficking Rajjo.

Meanwhile, the police inspector checks Vicky’s photo in their records and finds that he is a wanted criminal who traffics girls.

The inspector says that he couldn’t click the car number in which Vicky went, but he clicked the other car photo number. He asks the constable to get details about that car.

Vicky shows Rajjo to his friends and plans to trafficking her. 

Arjun comes downstairs to get ready for his Tilak ceremony. Arjun sees Urvashi and thinks that he should stop doing wrong to Urvashi.

Arjun then deletes Rajjo’s photo from his phone and then compliments Urvashi about her appearance.

Arjun apologizes to Urvashi for hurting her and promises her to think only about them hereafter and clicks a selfie with Urvashi.

Meanwhile, Vicky clicks a picture of himself and Rajjo. Manorama asks Rajjo to smile and Rajjo forces a smile.

Here Arjun dances with the family members and Madhu is happy to see him happy. 

Rajjo hears a car's horn and thinks that Arjun has come and runs to see him.

Rajjo becomes upset when she realizes that it’s her imagination. She says that she misses Arjun a lot, but doesn't know why; Manorama hears this and feels bad for Rajjo.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see Arjun’s Haldi ceremony going on while Rajjo and Vicky are having their Haldi ceremony.

Then we see Vicky and later his friends misbehave with Rajjo. Rajjo pushes them down and warns them not to touch her again.

On the other side, we see an Arjun angrily getting up from his wedding mandap.

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