Rajjo Written Update 22 September 2022: Pushkar bribes Vicky to marry Rajjo; Now Manorama separates Rajjo from Arjun


Rajjo 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Pushkar bribes Vicky to marry Rajjo; Now Manorama separates Rajjo from Arjun


At the start of today's episode, we see Manorama telling Rajjo that she has to marry Vicky and tries to convince Rajjo for the same, while Rajjo bluntly refuses.

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At this Manorama tells Rajjo that a girl can’t lead a life without a man’s support.

On the other side, Pushkar bribes Vicky to marry Rajjo. Then Arjun finds Vicky at the backside of the house and asks what he is doing there.

Vicky gives an excuse and quickly leaves from there, which makes Arjun suspicious of Vicky.

Then we see Rajjo reminds Manorama that there’s no man in her life. Manorama asks Rajjo not to compare their life, as their fates are different.

At this Rajjo says that the mistakes they make are responsible for humans’ fate and she doesn’t want to make that mistake.

Rajjo says that she wants to make their life better and God has given them an opportunity by making them meet a good person like Arjun.

Manorama says that Rajjo changed after coming to the city and she is going against her mom.

Rajjo says that she will marry the guy she will choose, but requests her to give her some time to become financially independent.

Rajjo says that they have just met, then why she wants to send her away from her by getting her married?

She asks what she’s scared of, and why she wants her to get married immediately.

Manorama says that Rajjo has to marry Vicky. She can live in the city after marrying Vicky as his office is located near Lucknow and also fulfil all her dreams.

Manorama says that many girls fulfil their dreams after their marriage and says that everything will be fine after her marriage.

Rajjo says that Manorama has some hidden reason behind her decision to get married. Manorama says that she loves Rajjo the most in the world and would never want any harm to Rajjo.

Manorama refuses to give any justification for her decision and says that Rajjo can do whatever she wants after her marriage with Vicky.

On the other side, Urvashi tells Arjun that she finally got Arjun back. She says that they will plan to settle in the USA. Arjun agrees but says that they will talk about it later.

Urvashi then says that Rajjo was only his responsibility and he fulfilled it, so they will focus on their life now. Urvashi expresses her love for Arjun.

Then we see Pratap is surprised to see Madhu preparing Shagun for Rajjo, whom she hates.

Madhu says that girls like Rajjo traps rich guys like Arjun. She feels relieved that Rajjo is leaving and they will get back their Arjun.

Madhu hopes that Arjun and Urvashi will keep the family united after their marriage. She hopes that Urvashi will keep Arjun on the right track.

At this Pratap replies that Arjun can never go on the wrong track and he always makes the right decision.

On the other side, Chirag hugs Arjun and says that Arjun isn’t able to understand his feelings and advises him not to ignore them when he understands them.

Just then, Rajjo and Manorama arrive there, getting ready to leave the house. Madhu calls out to Rajjo and asks her to go back to her house and be happy in her life.

Rajjo takes her blessings and apologizes to Madhu for hurting her unwantedly. Rajjo then expresses her gratitude and says that she will always remember them in her prayers, especially Arjun.

Manorama also expresses her gratitude to Madhu for their help.

Madhu asks them to leave before sunset and then she gives the Shagun money to Rajjo and asks her to take it, considering it as Arjun’s gift for her wedding.

Rajjo takes Dadaji’s blessings, while Dadaji asks Rajjo to work after her wedding.

Then Chirag gifts Rajjo a phone, Swarna also gifts Rajjo her used bag and Sia gives Rajjo a hair clip.

Rajjo looks at Arjun who is getting emotional seeing Rajjo leaving.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Rajjo and Manorama are on their way in the car, when Rajjo receives Arjun’s call.

Arjun comes to meet Rajjo, but Manorama draws a line between Rajjo and Arjun. She says that their worlds are different and says that their meeting is a coincidence and that their separation is their fate.

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