Rajjo Written Update 16 September 2022: Rajjo meets Manorama but gets separated from Arjun


Rajjo 16th September 2022 Written Update: Rajjo meets Manorama but gets separated from Arjun


At the start of today's episode, we see Arjun entering the hostel furiously and recalls hearing Rajjo pleading for help from the last call.

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Pushkar threatens Manorama; Arjun takes stand for Rajjo

On the other hand, the warden tells the man to hurry up while Arjun enters the room.

At the Thakur mansion, Madhu finds Arjun gone from home and gets furious and Kalindi instigates Urvashi about Arjun cheating on her.

Suddenly Madhu starts coughing and Manorama gives her water and assures her about Arjun's safety.

On the other side, Arjun throws a box at the warden in anger and beats the goons black and blue.

Walking to Rajjo’s bed, Arjun sees a cut on Rajjo’s body and blames himself for her situation.

In Thakur's mansion, Pratap asks where Arjun is and furious Madhu estimates that Arjun must be with Rajjo.

Meanwhile, Manorama gets happy hearing Rajjo’s name and prays to GOD that the Rajjo they are talking about is her daughter.

Later, Chirag starts to do Mata Rani's aarti praying to GOD for Arjun's safety.

On the other side of the story, Arjun picks up Rajjo's bridal style and takes her out of the hostel.

Back at the Thakur house, Manorama tries to ask Kavita about Rajjo but Kavita interrupts her and says she will clear her queries later.

Arjun enters the Thakur mansion screaming Chirag’s name and requesting him to call a doctor. Seeing Rajjo in Arjun’s arms everyone gets shocked and Madhu confronts Arjun for bringing Rajjo home.

Defying Madhu’s orders, Arjun ascends the stairs while Urvashi screams at Arjun to stop.

During ascending the stairs Rajjo's scarf falls on a plant downstairs and Manorama sees the scarf.

Meanwhile, Pratap assures Madhu and Urvashi about Arjun’s actions but Urvashi gets jealous of Arjun holding Rajjo with her chest.

At the same time, Pushkar thinks he will kill the warden for messing up his plans and cranes his neck to see Arjun walking toward his room.

Meanwhile, Manorama cries holding Rajjo’s scarf and realises Rajjo is in the Thakur mansion and then sees Rajjo in Arjun's arms.

Both Pushkar and Manorama run to the staircase but crash into each other.

Manorama gets shocked after seeing Pushkar and furious Pushkar grabs her hand and takes her aside.

In the living room, Urvashi says she needs to rethink her marriage with Arjun but Madhu assures her that Arjun will only marry her.

In Arjun’s room, Arjun puts Rajjo on the bed and apologises to an unconscious Rajjo.

Arjun sees her wound with guilty eyes and holds his side in pain.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Arjun says to Rajjo that her mom has been found.

Then Rajjo runs behind a car in which her mom is travelling and she shouts for her mom, while Manorama sees Rajjo. Manorama and Rajjo share an emotional hug.

Rajjo seeks Pushkar’s help to find a job in Lucknow, while Pushkar and Madhu fume in anger.

Manorama tells Arjun that Rajjo has to go to the village as her marriage is fixed with Vicky.

In the end, we see, Madhu shutting the door on Rajjo’s face while Arjun runs towards Rajjo.

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