Imlie Written Update 7th September 2022: Imlie meets with an accident


Imlie 7th September 2022 Written Update: Imlie meets with an accident


At the start of today's episode, we see that Malini’s magician vanishes the doll in front of Chini. Malini says she will vanish Imlie’s future like this if Chini makes her angry.

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Malini says she will tell Imlie to confess that Malini is Chini’s mother but if still Chini chooses Imlie then she will take out her anger on Imlie.

Narmada says she is not able to bear the same pain anymore that they went through in the past five years.

Aryan gets teary and says he doesn’t understand why it’s happening to him, he feels like a character in Imlie’s story and she appears in his life and then leaves him alone every time.

If they are not meant to be together then why does she comes back to him again and again? He says he is not living his life because of her and now he wants to breathe.

Aryan doesn’t want to get affected by her presence. Arpita says but he again lets her go, he says he doesn’t need Imlie in his life again. He lifts up Chini and goes to the balcony.

Imlie notices Chini and Aryan from outside of the gate. Chini thinks she is not a bad girl, but she was bound to push Imlie away from her because of Malini.

Aryan goes inside and Imlie feels disheartened. She sits near the street and recalls how Chini refused to stay with her.

Imlie gets Meethi’s call and she asks her how is she. Imlie reveals Chini got to learn Malini is her mother.

Meethi says Imlie should not shed tears like this, she has to take Chini back from Malini. Chini must be in some trouble thus she said such things to Imlie. She tells Imlie to find out the truth.

Imlie recalls how Chini wanted to tell her something but she couldn’t. She says now she will adamantly take Chini back as there’s something fishy. She sees her phone is switched off so she can't contact Chini now.

Anu praises Malini for separating Chini and Imlie with her brilliant plan. Chini cries and misses Imlie. Narmada and Arpita try to console her.

Arpita says she will take Chini to Imlie tomorrow to make her happy. Aryan says Imlie snatched Chini from her mother so Imlie deserves this separation.

Chini says she can’t bad words against Imlie from his mouth. Aryan says he wants to talk to Chini in private.

Aryan tells Chini shouldn’t have loved Imlie so much, the latter left her alone now.

Aryan tells her to remember her previous wound and with time she got rid of the pain, then this time also she will forget Imlie and everything will get better.

Chini cries and Aryan consoles her. He leaves to get her some food. She says she can’t disclose the truth to Aryan right now, he doesn’t know Imlie is not at fault.

Imlie asks the passerby people to give her a phone so that she can call Chini but many of them refuse to give her phone thinking she might be a thief.

Imlie says she is an independent reporter. Then finally, one old lady gives her a phone and she calls Rathore Mansion. Chini goes to pick it up thinking Imlie wants to talk to her maybe.

Just at that time, Aryan comes there with the food for Chini.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Imlie says she fears loneliness, if she again goes back to Rathore Mansion, she might receive more pain than before but she won’t stop.

Imlie plans to bring back Chini despite all the obstacles. Then suddenly Imlie gets hit by a car.

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