Imlie Written Update 21 September 2022: Imlie gets arrested; gets saved by Atharva


Imlie 21st September 2022 Written Update: Imlie gets arrested; gets saved by Atharva


At the start of today's episode, we see Atharva and Imlie standing with their backs turned towards each other.

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Meanwhile, both turns slowly but Imlie’s dupatta flies from her shoulder and lands on Atharva's face.

When Atharva removes the dupatta Cheeni stands in front of Imlie covering her with her body and snatches her dupatta from Atharva.

Seeing Cheeni, Atharva gets frozen while she takes Imlie out of the concert.

Later, Cheeni scolds Imlie for coming inside and asks her to wait for her in the car and leaves.

At the same time, Imlie gets a call from Arpita but crashes into a man who drops a packet of drugs on the floor and picks up Imlie’s phone in a panic. 

Meanwhile, the man sarcastically tells Imlie that the white powder is a headache medicine and innocent Imlie believes him.

Later, Imlie offers the police officer the powder to cure his headache but the police officer arrests her for smuggling drugs.

In the concert, Atharva sings a song for Cheeni while Cheeni is enjoying and blushing.

However, Cheeni's friends inform her about Imlie getting arrested and Atharva gets worried seeing Cheeni leaving suddenly.

In Rathore's house, Narmada accuses Imlie of smuggling drugs and orders the family to not bail Imlie.

At the police station, Cheeni tries to bail Imlie but the police do not listen to her and Atharva reaches there to help Cheeni.

However, Imlie accepts the accusation thinking it's a headache powder and offers to get more powder from a shop.

Imlie's words shock everyone but Cheeni stops Imlie from making the situation worse by closing her mouth with her hand.

Later, Atharva helps Cheeni to prove Imlie’s innocence by showing the police the CCTV footage.

After watching the footage, the police releases Imlie from all accusations.

In Rana's house, Akash (Atharva’s Elder Brother) informs his dad about Atharva visiting the police station but furious Rudra (Atharva’s Father) accuses both his sons of being selfish.

Akash’s wife gets angry at Rudra’s words and leaves and Rudra sarcastically advises Akash to pacify his wife.

On the other hand, Atharva offers Cheeni and Imlie a ride to their home romantically opening his passenger seat for them.

However, Cheeni glares into his eyes and sits in the backseat and Atharva smiles at her resistance.

Meanwhile, Imlie sits on the passenger seat and thanks him for saving her.

Lost in Cheeni’s eyes, Atharva sets the mirror to see Cheeni clearly and plays English romantic songs.

Seeing Cheeni groove, Atharva grooves with her while Imlie sits awkwardly.

At the traffic signal, the eunuch blesses Atharva and Imlie to be a great couple and Cheeni laughs sarcastically in her mind.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Narmada accuses Imlie of consuming drugs and Imlie says she didn’t do that. It was a misunderstanding and swears on her parents.

An angry Narmada throws away her birthday cake saying Imlie’s birthday won’t be celebrated in her presence as she is a bad omen.

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