Imlie Written Update 15 September 2022: Imlie-Aryan unite; Malini plants bomb in Rathore Mansion


Imlie 15th September 2022 Written Update: Imlie-Aryan unite; Malini plants bomb in Rathore Mansion


At the start of today's episode, we see Malini insulting Aryand and Imlie and then blaming Imlie for murdering her humanity and transforming her into a villain.

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Then, Malini reveals all the evil plans she has executed until now, while Aryan holds Imlie tightly and puts his hand on her bump.

At the same time, Imlie recalls finding Cheeni while Malini narrates the jealousy she felt at that time and accepts she threw that ball on which Imlie slipped when she was pregnant 5 years ago.

Hearing Malini’s words, everyone gets shocked and Aryan threatens Malini by giving her the punishments for her actions.

Afterwards, Aryan sends everyone home and goes with Imlie and Cheeni.

Before going Imlie tells Malini, that Cheeni is the fragment of her humanity and that she is taking this fragment with her and will not let her (Malini) shadow touch Cheeni.

Outside the venue, Narmada is crying for Chiku and gets happy seeing Imlie and requests her to come back home.

However, Aryan tells Narmada of Imlie has another person in her life so she cannot go with them.

Hearing Aryan’s words, Cheeni tells the truth that she gave both of them (Aryan & Imlie) the special sharbat in the pandal.

Cheeni informs him that they (Aryan & Imlie) were together the whole evening in the cottage.

Shocked Aryan recalls the amazing night while Narmada calls him a fool and takes Imlie with her.  

In Rathore's house, Aryan stands shocked at the gate entrance when Cheeni teases him, exclaiming that two beautiful girls and a baby are standing in front of his home and requests him to welcome them.

Meanwhile, Aryan takes the aarti's thali from Narmada and does the aarti of Imlie and Cheeni.

Later, Aryan holds Imlie delicately and helps her walk inside and she shows her gratitude to Neela and Preeta for helping her defeat Malini.

Neela hugs Imlie and informs her that she and Preeta are leaving Rathore's mansion.

Then at night, Imlie is seen writing poetry sitting on the rocking chair while Aryan is admiring her from afar sneakily but accidentally crashes into a pot.

Aryan walks to Imlie emotionally and sits on his knees and holds Imlie’s hand and puts his head on her hand.

Meanwhile, Aryan apologises to Imlie but she asks him to share 50% of his fault.

Imlie compares Aryan and her to stone and glass but he compares themselves to fire and ice.

Aryan promises Imlie that he will not leave her till his last breath.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Malini tells Anu that she will plan her exit in a grand way by executing her last plan.

Then Malini goes to Rathore Mansion during puja and fixes a bomb under the table, while Imlie is seen praying for her family’s safety.

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