GHKKPM Written Update 9 September 2022: Sai ready to do Vinayak's treatment; Angry Virat disconnects Sai's call


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 9th September 2022 Written Update: Sai ready to do Vinayak's treatment; Angry Virat disconnects Sai's call


At the start of today's episode, we see Savi packing food for Virat and Vinayak when Sai questions her.

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Savi tells her that she is packing food for them and she tells her that, they both will go on their cycle to give them this food.

Then Savi asks Sai to give her phone so that she can speak with Vinayak, but Sai does not allow her from talking or meeting Vinayak and his father and scolds her.

Savi gets sad and starts to cry and says that she is confused about Sai's behaviour towards her and then goes inside her room.

Seeing this Sai gets emotional and says that she can’t even tell Savi about the real reason behind her decision.

On the other side, Vinayak goes towards Virat’s room but sees him in an angry mood and gets afraid of him and decides to talk to him later, when he will be fine.

Then, Vinayak decides to call Pakhi in to share his concern towards Virat.

While we see Virat thinking about Sai and Savi and recalls how he suffered after Sai’s death and drowned himself in alcohol to forget her but couldn’t able to get rid of her memories.

Virat recalls his attempts to find Sai and then move on in his life after he found out about her and their son Vinayak's death.

Virat remembers his past with Sai and recalls the doctor’s statement that Sai can’t get pregnant and then he becomes confused and thinks that how Savi could be Sai's daughter.

On the other side of the story, Sai cries recalling Vinayak to be Virat’s child and says that he did not even wait for her or tried to find her after the accident. She then says that he doesn’t have any feelings for her.

Both Virat and Sai get emotional thinking about one another’s betrayal. They both get flashes of their happy moments of the past and then they recall how they had moved on in their life with their kids.

Later, Sai goes to console Savi and apologises to her. At this Savi says that she will talk to Vinayak’s father and will confront him about his behaviour, to which Sai prohibits her.

Sai tries to make Savi understand the matter, but Savi stays firm on her decision and wants to speak with Vinayak.

Just at that time, they get Vinayak’s call and Savi requests Sai to let her talk to him. She pleads with her, at this Usha too requests Sai to allow Savi to speak with Vinayak.

Seeing Savi's condition and Usha's request, Sai finally agrees and lets Savi talk to Vinayak. Vinayak apologises for his father’s behaviour and says that even he is confused that why he behaved like that.

Then, Vinayak says that he will talk to his mother and will let her know about the matter. While Sai thinks about who is Vinayak's mother.

At Chavan Niwas, Pakhi discusses the business case with the Chavan family and assures them that soon the discussions with the clients will get over.

Pakhi informs them that it will benefit them in the future and notifies them about its advantage to Bhavani.

The Chavan family praises Pakhi and advice her to talk to Virat and Vinayak. She shows her concern towards them and says that Vinayak is busy on the call with someone.

Then Pakhi dials Virat’s number and keeps calling him, while he gets into a dilemma to pick up her call or not, then finally he takes a decision and receives it.

Pakhi shows her concern towards Vinayak and asks about the appointment with the doctor, to which he takes Sai’s name. She becomes shocked and asks him to say it again.

At this time, Virat hides about Sai from Pakhi and decides to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Pakhi becomes worried but hides her tension from Ashwini.

On the other side, Sai decides to keep Virat away from her daughter and recalls how she gave birth to Savi alone and raised her independently.

Sai gets into thought while Jagtap comes there and shows his concern towards her. He asks about the matter, while Sai sends him away.

Then Usha compares Jagtap with Virat, while Sai stops her and says that Virat hasn’t killed someone as Jagtap. She then takes a strict decision regarding her and Savi’s life but shows her concern towards Vinayak.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Pakhi opens Virat’s cupboard to keep his clothes but notices the photo frame of him with Sai and their first child Vinayak.

On the other side, Sai calls Virat while he asks her not to bring their past into their present. She agrees with it and says that she just wants to treat Vinayak and then they both can go on their own paths.

Virat who is still very angry with Sai, says in a loud voice that he accepts the deal and clarifies their priorities.

Hearing Virat's tone and his way of talking Sai get hurt, while Virat just disconnects the call.

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