GHKKPM Written Update 8 September 2022: Virat gets furious to see Sai; Pakhi shocked to know Sai is alive


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 8th September 2022 Written Update: Virat gets furious to see Sai; Pakhi shocked to know Sai is alive


At the start of today's episode, we see the ladies of the village getting inside Sai’s house to inform Savi that her mother is calling her to join the celebration organised by Haria.

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Savi gets excited and insists Vinayak and Virat come along with her. But Virat gets into a dilemma about whether to go or not, but Savi keeps requesting him.

Virat finally agrees with her and takes everyone inside his car. He drives towards the venue, while Sai gets showered with love and respect from the villagers.

Haria insists Sai join their folk dance, but she also joins them and dances with them. Everyone enjoys the celebration along with Sai and she gets elated to be a part of them.

Then, Virat reaches the venue and helps Vinayak to get out of the car. Others also come out of the car and go inside the venue to join the celebration.

Virat gets elated seeing the ambience, while Savi takes Vinayak along with her towards Sai. Virat gets happy seeing Savi and Vinayak’s bond.

Sai dances along with the kids, while Virat gets a call from Pakhi, who ask him about his location. Virat tells her about joining the village’s function and says that he is even waiting to meet Savi’s mother.

Virat then assures Pakhi and asks her not to worry about anything, while she looks at Virat and Vinayak’s photo and asks them to come back soon.

Then, Virat also joins the kids and dances with them. He enjoys the celebration and has a good time.

Suddenly, the rain starts pouring and Virat gets concerned for Vinayak. He asks Vinayak to come toward him, while he is busy dancing with Sai.

Meanwhile, Sai questions Vinayak about his father, whereas Virat asks Savi about her mother.

Both Savi and Vinayak point them toward one another and they turn to see each other.

Virat gets shocked and recalls the time when he thought she is dead. Whereas, Sai gets frozen seeing him and recalls their last meeting.

Their soul goes toward one another and touches each other. Then, Virat and Sai’s soul express their emotions towards one another and they cry.

Virat tells that he thought she was dead and scolds her for not contacting him all these years. Sai replies that she didn’t want to come near him because of his decision.

Sai reminds him about their last meeting and how he didn’t agree with her decision. Then their soul disappears and Virat notices Savi along with Sai.

Virat assumes that Sai had moved on in her life and gets furious with her. While Sai also assumes that Vinayak is his son and thinks that he never waited or tried to find her.

Sai gets displeased by Virat when he forcefully takes Vinayak away from there and gets inside the car.

Seeing this, Sai also takes Savi away from there and both the kids get shocked.

Later, Virat lashes out at Vinayak but then controls himself. He gets out of the car and breaks down, he thinks about Sai and gets furious.

On the other side, Sai cries in front of Usha and says that Virat doesn’t even care about her or asked anything about her situation.

Sai expresses her displeasure, while Usha consoles her and tries to make her understand. Sai says that he had moved on in his life and again cries.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see Savi and Vinayak talk to one another over the phone.

Savi tells him that now her mother is fine, while he replies that he is still feeling scared to talk to his father.

Vinayak wishes that his mother would have been there, while Usha looks at Sai.

Later, Pakhi gets worried for Vinayak and asks Virat about his treatment, to which he replies that they haven’t started it.

Pakhi questions regarding it while Virat takes Sai’s name. Pakhi gets shocked along with Bhavani and the Chavan family.

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