GHKKPM Written Update 30 September 2022: Virat-Ashwini's taunts bring tears to Sai's eyes


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 30th September 2022 Written Update: Virat-Ashwini's taunts bring tears to Sai's eyes


At the start of today's episode, we see Pakhi taking a stand for Sai and saying that only Sai can treat Vinayak and apologising to her family members for bringing Sai without their permission.

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Virat brings back Sai for Vinayak's treatment

But Pakhi justifies it by saying that she is doing it for the betterment of Vinayak. She insists they take the right decision, while everyone becomes emotional.

Sai recalls how she got convinced to come to Nagpur, and she gets flashes of finding her and Virat’s picture with their son Vinayak and gets teary eyes remembering his death.

Sai blames herself for her son’s death and then decides to help Vinayak to rectify her past mistake.

Then, Sai notifies Usha about visiting Nagpur along with Savi. While Usha questions her about the sudden change in her decision.

Sai replies that she wants to treat Vinayak and then they both will shift to Shimla.

Whereas, Virat denies taking Sai’s help and asks her to leave from there.

Ashwini also lashes out at Sai and asks Sai to leave them alone. She says that she doesn’t want her in their life anymore, while Sai feels hurt after hearing Ashwini’s words but tries to control her emotions.

Sai stays firm on her decision and says that she just wanted to treat Vinayak and then will leave from there.

Hearing this, Pakhi agrees to Sai’s decision and requests Virat and Ashwini to agree to it. Pakhi insists they think about Vinayak and pleads with them to let Sai treat him.

An angry Virat then gives a cheque to Sai asking her to leave them. At this Sai gets furious at him and tears his cheque.

Sai says that no money can buy her dignity and says that if they don’t want to take her help, then she will leave from there.

Sai goes away from the hospital while Pakhi gets devastated. She keeps requesting Virat to stop her but he stays silent.

At that time Vinayak feels Sai’s presence and comes down from his bed, but falls on the floor and wears his leg braces.

Vinayak somehow manages to come out of his hospital room and asks for Sai and Savi, while the Chavan family gets surprised to see Vinayak walking again.

Then, Pakhi and Virat help Vinayak as he falls down and puts him back on his bed.

Vinayak continuously keeps asking about Savi and Sai, while Pakhi hides the truth from him.

Then, Ninad also tells Ashwini that she is doing wrong for not letting Sai treat Vinayak due to her past.

Ninand then speaks with Bhavani and assures her that as soon as Vinayak will be fine, Sai will leave.

On the other side, we see Savi and Usha waiting for Sai to come back.

Savi gets excited to meet Vinayak and takes candy floss for him. While Usha gets emotional seeing their bond.

On the other side, Pakhi asks Virat to lash out at her for bringing Sai there but insists him to let Sai treat their son.

Pakhi tries to convince Virat that only Sai can cure Vinayak, while Virat agrees with her this time but says that he doesn’t want Sai near his son.

Later, Virat gets a call from the hospital abroad and gets notified that everything is ready for treatment of Vinayak.

Pakhi cries and goes away from there, while Virat gets into a dilemma.

Meanwhile, Sai goes back to the bus stand and cries recalling Ashwini’s behaviour towards her.

Sai then buys tickets for Kankauli and gets flashbacks of the time when she came there with her son Vinayak and gets sentimental.

Episode Ends!

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