GHKKPM Written Update 29 September 2022: Ashwini-Virat lashes out at Sai; Pakhi takes stand for Sai


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 29th September 2022 Written Update: Ashwini-Virat lashes out at Sai; Pakhi takes stand for Sai


At the start of today's episode, we see Virat getting inside Vinayak’s hospital room and trying to cheer him up. He tells about their visit abroad and says that they will have a lot of fun there.

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Virat shows his excitement towards Vinayak while he smiles looking at him.

Then Pakhi also enters the room and showers her love on Vinayak. She also makes him eat the modak while he gets silent.

Seeing this Pakhi questions if he is fine. To which Vinayak recalls the moment when Savi prepared modak, especially for him.

Vinayak gets emotional remembering Savi, while Pakhi becomes concerned for him.

Then, Pakhi feeds the modak to Virat and he happily accepts it. Virat informs Pakhi about going abroad for Vinayak’s treatment.

While Pakhi becomes sad and says that she just wants her prayers for Vinayak to get fulfilled. She prays for her son’s recovery and shows her worry toward him.

Ashwini and Ninad sit together outside Vinayak’s room and Ashwini ask Ninad to change his mood as she can understand his sadness about sending the family members abroad, but says that it is necessary.

Ashwini assures us that soon Virat will return back along with Vinayak and Pakhi after completing the treatment.

Then, Ashwini prays for Vinayak and hopes that he will get cured as fast as possible. She feels concerned for the kid along with Virat and Pakhi.

Ashwini says that Pakhi is taking care of Vinayak even more than a real mother. Whereas, Ninad tells about his worry that they aren’t sure if the foreign doctors would be able to treat Vinayak.

Ninad says that it would have been better if they had contacted Sai for Vinayak’s treatment. Ashwini disagrees with Ninad’s suggestion and says that Sai only causes destruction to their family.

Ashwini says that Sai is inauspicious to them and prohibits Ninad from taking her name.

Later, Ashwini regrets supporting Sai in her past and says that she had done wrong by taking a stand for Sai against her family.

Just then, Sai comes there and gets elated upon facing Ninad and Ashwini. Whereas, they get shocked at seeing her.

Sai expresses her happiness and bends down to take their blessings but Ashwini stops her and prohibits calling them their parents.

Ashwini rebukes Sai for the pain she has given to Virat and says that she can never forgive her.

Ashwini also recalls the past when she had tried to stop Sai from leaving the Chavan Niwas but she left with Vinayak without caring about the family and their feelings.

Ashwini says that even Sai’s father would have been disappointed with her, while Sai gets teary eyes.

On the other side, Mohit handles the business and assures the clients that Pakhi will join the meeting.

While we see Harini taking a stand for women’s rights against Omkar’s statement and showing her support for Sai.

Later, Virat comes out of Vinayak's room and gets shocked to see Sai there. He confronts her and asks her to leave from there, while Pakhi also comes there and takes a stand for Sai.

Pakhi says that she asked Sai to come along with her and tries to explain to Virat that only Sai can treat Vinayak.

Pakhi then insists Virat let Sai do the medical procedure, whereas Virat stares angrily at Sai.

Episode Ends!

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