GHKKPM Written Update 28 September 2022: Pakhi reprimands Sai for giving hope to Vinayak and then refusing to treat him


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 28th September 2022 Written Update: Pakhi reprimands Sai for giving hope to Vinayak and then refusing to treat him


At the start of today's episode, we see Ashwini telling Pakhi that it is better for Vinayak to stay away from Sai and Savi.

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Ashwini also says that if Sai comes back into their life, she will again cause trouble for them.

Whereas, Pakhi agrees with Ashwini and tells her that she wants to go to the temple to pray for her son Vinayak.

On the other side, Sai is seen packing things and telling Savi that she has a surprise for her.

Sai tells her that she wants to take her to a beautiful place. While Usha informs Savi Sai is taking her back to Nagpur so that she can meet Vinayak and his police uncle.

Hearing this Sai denies it and says that she is taking Savi to Shimla and not to Nagpur. Sai says that she has got a job offer from Shimla hospital which she had earlier refused.

But now she has spoken to them and they have agreed to appoint her. Sai says that she wants to shift to a new place with Savi so that they can live there peacefully.

Then there is a knock at Sai's door, Sai thinks it's her travel tickets but is surprised to see Pakhi there, while Savi gets excited to see her.

Sai questions Pakhi about what she is doing here and before she could utter a word, Savi questions Pakhi about Vinayak and Virat, to which Pakhi replies that they could not come there.

Then Pakhi informs everyone about Vinayak's ill health, hearing this Savi gets worried for Vinayak and asks her to bring him there so that Sai can treat him.

Meanwhile, Sai reminds Savi about the work and sends her away from there with Usha.

Pakhi requests Sai for Vinayak's treatment and then she begs her to help her son, while Sai refuses and says that her daughter Savi has suffered a lot after meeting Vinayak.

Sai says that she does not want to further stress her daughter and asks Pakhi to leave. Sai refuses to help Pakhi and taunts her for the way they went about disrespecting her.

Later, Pakhi informs Sai about how Vinayak had fallen down the stairs, Sai is shocked to hear that and shows her sympathy towards Vinayak.

Pakhi again begs Sai to help her son, while Sai says that Virat will never allow her to do so.

Sai says that she cannot afford to lose her self-esteem again, to which Pakhi apologizes on Virat's behalf and assures her that he will no longer interfere with her treatment.

Sai again denies it and says that she can give the number of another doctor who can look into Vinayak's case but Pakhi denies it and insists Sai should treat Vinayak.

Pakhi reprimands Sai for giving Vinayak hope that he can walk again. Then we see a flashback to when Sai inspired Vinayak to walk on his own feet.

Pakhi says Sai for giving hope to the child and scolds Sai for bringing her past love life between her profession.

Pakhi says that she had come to seek help from a doctor for her child, but Sai is only thinking about Virat and his complicated relationship.

On the other side, Vinayak feels extreme pain, while the doctor tells Virat that it is more than trauma. He suggests talking to Vinayak, while Ninad advises him to bring Sai back but Ashwini denies it.

Meanwhile, Virat calls Pakhi and inquires about her whereabouts. She lies to him and asks about Vinayak.

Virat gets emotional and says that he is not responding to any treatment. He asks Pakhi to come to the hospital so that they can talk to other doctors.

Episode Ends!

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