GHKKPM Written Update 27 September 2022: Pakhi takes a drastic step for Vinayak


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 27th September 2022 Written Update: Pakhi takes a drastic step for Vinayak


At the start of today's episode, we see an angry Virat lashing out at Bhavani and accusing her of Vinayak’s condition. He scolds her for making Vinayak go through all the pain and then leaves from there.

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Pakhi reprimands Sai for giving hope to Vinayak and then refusing to treat him

Bhavani gets stunned by Virat's behaviour and again blames Sai and says that she is inauspicious for them.

Whereas, Pakhi tries to calm Bhavani and she also apologises for Virat’s behaviour and says that he was just concerned for Vinayak.

Pakhi assures Bhavani that Virat never meant what he said to her and asks her not to take his words at heart.

Bhavani nods understanding Pakhi’s words and again thinks about Sai and gets furious. While Virat goes to arrange the best doctors for his son.

On the other side, Savi misses Vinayak and decides to call him. Pakhi gets the call as she was holding Vinayak’s phone. Ashwini and Bhavani also see the name and ask Pakhi not to receive it.

Bhavani forcefully makes Pakhi disconnect the call and ask to delete the number as well. Bhavani says that it’s better for their family to stay away from Sai and Savi.

While Savi feels sad and tells Sai that Vinayak is not receiving her call. Sai asks her to forget about Vinayak, but she denies it.

Savi starts crying while Sai becomes frustrated and unable to handle the situation.

Then we see Usha meets Jagtap while he questions about Sai buying tickets. Usha informs him that Sai has finally agreed to return back to Nagpur.

Hearing this Jagtap gets hurt but shows fake happiness stating that soon Savi will get her real father.

Sai ignores Jagtap and goes away from there, while he hides her pain from them.

Back at the hospital, Virat takes doctors inside Vinayak’s room while Vinayak keeps insisting to get treated only by Sai.

Virat tries to explain to him and says that he has the best doctors, but Vinayak denies letting them treat him.

Virat gets furious at Vinayak as he keeps taking Sai’s name, while the doctor asks him to calm down. The doctor then suggests bringing Vinayak's doctor aunty as he is attached to her but Virat denies it.

Later, Pakhi gets concerned for her son and tries to massage him with Sai’s herbal paste. Virat gets furious and throws it away shocking her.

Virat warns her not to use any of Sai’s products while Pakhi cries about her son’s condition.

Pakhi reminds Ashwini how Virat and she fought for Sai to study and now when she is one of the best doctors, they aren’t allowing her to treat Vinayak.

Virat also breaks down seeing his son’s state while Ninad tries to calm him down. Ninad assures Virat that everything will be fine and gives him suggestions.

But Virat stays firm on his decision that he won’t let Sai treat his son. Meanwhile, Virat finds another way to explain it to Vinayak and convinces him to accept his parents' decision.

Vinayak finally agrees and gives a promise to Virat.

On the other side, Pakhi cries seeing her son’s suffering and discusses it with Ashwini, while Ashwini asks her not to take Sai’s name.

Then Harini confronts Bhavani and says that she can’t control everyone’s life, while Bhavani gets furious at her.

Meanwhile, Vinayak falls from his bed while Pakhi gets worried for him. He asks her not to be tense and assures him that he is fine.

Pakhi gets emotional seeing him and decides to take a drastic step for Vinayak.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Pakhi asks Virat to choose a necklace for her, while at that time Sai also comes there to sell her ring.

Virat notices her and intentionally makes Pakhi wear a necklace declaring their marriage anniversary.

Sai looks at them and then goes away keeping her ring stating that it doesn’t have any value left.

Pakhi also notices Sai and picks her ring and looks at it and then at Sai.

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