GHKKPM Written Update 26 September 2022: Virat blames Bhavani for Vinayak’s accident


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 26th September 2022 Written Update: Virat blames Bhavani for Vinayak’s accident


At the start of today's episode, we see Ashwini getting furious at Sai after learning that she is alive. She cries recalling all the past days when Virat used to suffer because of Sai’s death.

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Pakhi takes a drastic step for Vinayak

Ashwini says that Sai could have called or informed them that she is alive, instead of disappearing from their life.

Ashwini accuses Sai of all the pain Virat and her family went through and declares that she won’t be able to forgive her.

Bhavani and Sonali console Ashwini and supports her decision. They say that Sai doesn’t deserve their love or emotions. Ashwini prays to always keep Sai away from their life.

Then Ashwini decides to speak with Pakhi as she thinks that Pakhi must be troubled after meeting Sai. She goes inside her room after asking permission.

While Pakhi gets surprised by her behaviour and says that she doesn’t need permission to come inside her room. She greets Ashwini, while Ashwini gives a gift to Pakhi for her birthday.

Pakhi opens the gift box and gets surprised after seeing all the accessories of a married woman.

Pakhi questions Ashwini about it, while Ashwini replies that she should always wear these things in order to show that she is married.

Pakhi expresses her gratitude towards Ashwini while Ashwini gets worried after noticing that her nuptial chain is missing and questions about it.

Pakhi makes Ashwini relax and states that she was changing and that is why left it on the table. Ashwini immediately makes her wear it and asks her to never remove it.

Pakhi understands Ashwini's concern and says that she is afraid of Sai entering their life. To which Ashwini stays silent. Pakhi assures that everything is fine.

Ashwini also asks Pakhi to go on vacation with Virat, as they planned before their trip to Kankauli.

Later, Bhavani decides to remove Sai and Savi from their life and takes a big decision. She goes inside Vinayak’s room and takes his phone to delete Savi's phone number.

Vinayak gets shocked and tries to stop her but Bhavani goes downstairs and Vinayak follows him.

On the other side of the story, Jagtap takes Savi to the jungle and shows her the written message beneath her question that when her father will come.

Jagtap recalls how he had written all the replies just in order to cheer Savi. Savi gets elated and becomes excited to meet her father. Then Jagtap and Savi enjoy and have fun with each other.

Jagtap returns back to Sai’s house with Savi while Usha gets elated seeing her happy and informs Sai that Savi doesn't have the fever now.

Savi shows her anger towards Sai and goes inside, while Sai gets furious at Jagtap and asks him to stay away from them.

Jagtab rebukes her and asks not to hurt Savi in her anger. He tries to make her realise her mistake and then goes away from there and cries inside his car.

At the Chavan Niwas, Bhavani asks Pakhi for the password of Vinayak's phone while Vinayak tries to stop them.

Vinayak tries to come downstairs quickly and in doing so he falls down the stair and hurts himself badly.

Virat, Pakhi, Mohit and Ashwini take him to the hospital immediately. While Vinayak keeps on asking for Sai while the doctor also suggests they get Vinayak's treatment from his doctor aunty.

While Pakhi gets concerned for Vinayak and holds Virat’s hand while he also gets teary eyes and looks at her being emotional.

Then Bhavani also reaches the hospital and accuses Sai of the situation, but Virat lashes out at her and says that she is the reason for Vinayak's accident.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Pakhi asks Virat to choose a necklace for her, while at that time Sai also comes there to sell her ring.

Virat notices her and intentionally makes Pakhi wear a necklace declaring their marriage anniversary.

Sai looks at them and then goes away keeping her ring stating that it doesn’t have any value left.

Pakhi also notices Sai and picks her ring and looks at it and then at Sai.

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