GHKKPM Written Update 23 September 2022: Virat's decision leaves Sai heartbroken, while Savi-Vinayak is in tears


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Virat's decision leaves Sai heartbroken, while Savi-Vinayak is in tears


At the start of today's episode, we see Virat taking the decision to return back to his house immediately.

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Vinayak unknowingly reveals to the Chavan family that Sai is alive

Mohit and Pakhi try to make him understand that he isn’t fit to travel, but he gets adamant to leave Kankauli.

They finally agree to his decision and try to calm him down. He praises Pakhi for her calmness, while Sai hears their conversation and feels hurt.

Virat leaves there in order to check the car, while Pakhi notices Sai and goes to have a conversation with her.

Pakhi shows her gratitude for treating Virat and Vinayak, to which Sai replies that she is their doctor and just did her job.

Then, Pakhi tries to talk to Sai regarding her life, to which Sai advises Pakhi not to take Virat back to Nagpur in such a fragile state.

Pakhi gets concerned for Virat, while Virat comes there and hears Sai’s advice. Virat gets furious at Sai and tells her not to interfere in his life.

Virat declares that he doesn’t even want to stay near her for even a second and glares at her. She gets teary eyes hearing his hurtful words, while Pakhi tries to stop Virat.

Virat holds Pakhi’s hand and drags her away from there and takes her towards the car.

Then, Vinayak says that he wants to wait for Savi as he needs to meet her before leaving, to which Virat prohibits him and says that it is better to stay away from her.

Hearing this Vinayak gets sad, while Virat gets inside his car along with his family and leaves from there. Whereas, at that time Savi comes there on her own.

Sai gets shocked seeing Savi and gets concerned for her. She scolds her for coming alone to the police headquarters from their house, to which she replies that she wants to meet Virat and Vinayak.

Sai strictly warns her to stay away from Vinayak and his family and notifies her that they had already left.

Hearing this, Savi gets sad and starts crying stating that she wants to meet Vinayak. She decides to call him but Sai prohibits her and ask her to go back to their house.

Usha gives support to Sai as she cries recalling Virat’s behaviour.

Meanwhile, Vinayak also keeps talking about Sai and Savi but Virat warns him not to take their name anymore.

Virat’s car stops at a spot and he notices the message on the tree about Savi’s father when he will come. He feels bad for the kid and then returns back to the Chavan's Niwas.

The entire Chavan family welcome them excitedly, while Shivani notices Virat being sad and asks about it, but Sonali says that he must be tired.

Virat greets his family along with Harini. Then, they also plan to celebrate Pakhi’s birthday.

On the other side, Sai gets shattered seeing her daughter crying for Vinayak.

Later, Virat goes to his room and recalls seeing Sai. He starts punching at the cupboard, while Pakhi gets concerned for him and makes him stop.

Pakhi tries to console him while he starts talking weirdly. He keeps blabbering about Vinayak while Pakhi gets teary eyes and asks Virat to stay calm.

Pakhi also advises Virat to tell their family members about Sai but he prohibits her.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Sai gives a rose to Savi as she loves it, while Savi gets elated and hugs her mother.

Savi then gives it to Vinayak stating that he is her best friend, while he also gets happy and thanks her.

Vinayak then gives it to Virat and asks if he won’t give it to Pakhi as it is her birthday.

Hearing this Virat gets confused, while at that time Pakhi comes there and sees the rose in his hand.

Vinayak hides behind the chair and smiles looking at his parents.

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