GHKKPM Written Update 22 September 2022: Virat gives Sai's rose to Pakhi on her birthday


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Virat gives Sai's rose to Pakhi on her birthday


At the start of today's episode, we see Sai getting inside her room and breaking all the things to release her anger and frustration. She breakdown and cries pouring her heart out.

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Virat's decision leaves Sai heartbroken, while Savi-Vinayak is in tears

Then Sai recalls Virat and Pakhi’s relationship and falls down and screams that she and Savi were happy together without Virat and proclaims that she doesn’t want his presence in their life.

Sai questions God for her fate and says that she was having a better life without Virat.

Then Sai imagines her father in front of her and injures her hand while throwing things and cries staring at it. Her father shows concern towards her and asks her to treat the wound.

Sai looks at her father Kamal while he notifies her that they can’t ignore the injury and one should treat it in order to avoid further damage.

Kamal says that Sai is affected by Virat and Pakhi’s relationship, which she denies and says that she doesn’t want him in her or Savi’s life. She says that she doesn’t even care about his existence as she has already moved on in her life.

Kamal smiles at Sai and says that she wouldn’t have reacted the way she did if she wouldn’t get affected by Virat. Sai avoids looking at him, while he says that it is okay to pour her frustration and anger out.

Kamal says that he understands her feelings for Virat and states that she can’t hide her feelings from him as he can read her eyes.

Sai says that Kamal is wrong in her matter and once again says that she doesn’t care about Virat and Pakhi’s relationship and her only Savi matters and she can do anything to protect her.

Kamal says that she has all the right to look after Savi as she is her mother. Sai also expresses her fear of losing Savi, while Kamal assures her.

Sai blames Kamal for his decision to marry her to Virat and says that Pakhi and Virat were in a relationship but due to Kamal, she came in between them and all the complications started.

Sai states that he was wrong, to which he replies that it was already written in their destiny. He says that it happened for something better, while she does not agree with him.

On the other side, Virat gets ready to leave Kankauli while Pakhi helps him to wear his shirt and plaster.

Pakhi tries to stop him stating that his condition isn’t normal, to which he denies and says that he can’t wait there even for a second.

Vinayak gets shocked learning that they are leaving and gets sad.

Virat and Pakhi make Vinayak understand while the Chavan family calls them and talks to Virat and then Pakhi. They also wish Pakhi on her birthday, while Virat apologises to her for forgetting about it.

Later, Savi gets concerned about Sai seeing her injury and then ask to visit Vinayak but Sai denies it. She gets ready to go in search of Usha and asks Savi to be careful.

Then, Usha hears the conversation between Pakhi and Virat. Sai also confronts her and states that they have already moved on in their life and says that she shouldn’t tell him about Savi.

Usha agrees with Sai and leaves from there, while Sai gets sad hearing their conversation. Virat goes out of the room, while Sai also leaves from there but Pakhi sees her.

Episode Ends!

The Red Rose:-

In the upcoming episode, Sai gives a rose to Savi as she loves it, while Savi gets elated and hugs her mother.

Savi then gives it to Vinayak stating that he is her best friend, while he also gets happy and thanks her.

Vinayak then gives it to Virat and asks if he won’t give it to Pakhi as it is her birthday.

Hearing this Virat gets confused, while at that time Pakhi comes there and sees the rose in his hand.

Vinayak hides behind the chair and smiles looking at his parents.

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