GHKKPM Written Update 19 September 2022: Virat becomes angry on seeing Sai with Jagtap


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th September 2022 Written Update: Virat becomes angry on seeing Sai with Jagtap | GHKKPM


At the start of today's episode, we see Pakhi asking Vinayak what has happened to Virat and where is his doctor aunty. 

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Just then Ashwini calls Pakhi who informs her that Virat had been shot but Vinayak’s doctor has operated on him. 

Seeing Virat coming to consciousness, Pakhi bends down on him asking about his health. 

Sai who has been observing everything faints and would have fallen if Jagthap hasn’t caught her in time. While Virat becomes angry seeing Sai in Jagthap’s arms. 

In the meantime, Jagthap brings Sai out and helps her sit and asks her about Virat being here and if Savi knows about him. However, Sai thanks him for the injection and asks him to leave. 

In Virat’s room, Pakhi gets worried about seeing blood on Virat and goes to call the doctor. Pakhi’s feet freeze on seeing Sai alive. 

By now Sai has composed herself and goes to give injections to Virat. While Mohit is equally shocked to see Sai alive. 

At the Chavan house, Ashwini is blessing Vinayak’s doctor for saving Virat. 

Meanwhile, Virat misunderstands Sai’s relationship with Jagthap while Sai is angry to see Pakhi as Virat’s wife. 

After a while, Pakhi sees Jagthap talking to Savi and wonders about his presence in Sai’s life.

Pakhi is trying to come to terms with Sai being alive and wonders what will she do now. Her inner self suggests going away taking Virat and Vinayak with her, or else Sai and Vinayak will get back together. 

On the other side, Usha is expressing her shock at seeing Pakhi as Virat’s wife and consoles Sai.

While Sai tells her that there is nothing to be said and done about this as a lot of time has passed and a lot has happened during this time. 

All she cares about now is for Virat to get better as he is her patient and rest is of no consequence. 

Just then, Pakhi comes to thank Sai for saving Virat’s life and asks Sai about Vinayak being alive as well while Sai becomes sad at the recollection of Vinayak’s loss.

Later, Pakhi asks her why has she not called home to inform Virat of being alive.

Sai tells her that it is better for everyone to consider her dead and that she is nothing more than a doctor to Virat and Vinayak. 

Later, Pakhi apologises to Sai for the past behaviour as she had been feeling guilty after hearing about her death. 

Sai who has been listening to Pakhi’s tale of woe tells her that she cannot forgive her because she is the reason for her leaving her home and her husband and losing her child.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Pakhi comes to Sai's house and Sai gets shocked seeing her at her doorstep.

Pakhi then tells Sai that their fate always brings them in front of each other.

To which Sai replies that she is no longer the same Sai she knew, but she is the same Pakhi who was in love with Virat and is also Virat's wife now.

On this Pakhi says - Virat's second wife and wants to request something from Virat's first wife.

On this Sai questions her what do you want from me now?

At this Pakhi asks Sai to accompany her to Virat's house. Sai gets shocked hearing this.

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