GHKKPM Written Update 16 September 2022: Virat gets hit by a bullet while saving Savi


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th September 2022 Written Update: Virat gets hit by a bullet while saving Savi | GHKKPM


At the start of today's episode, we see Gulabrao recording a video for Sai and telling her to come to the place while Savi is seen hanging with a pulley.

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Just then Sai and Virat arrive at the site where Gulabrao threatens Sai that he will knock Savi down from the pulley. Seeing this Sai questions Gulabrao for bringing Savi here.

Gulabrao continues to mock and threaten Sai, while Virat is super angry with Gulabrao, he tells him that if anything happens to Savi, he will kill each one of them.

As Sai rushes to save Savi, Gulabrao asks his goons to knock Savi down from the pulley, seeing this Sai tells Virat to save their daughter. 

Hearing this Virat looks at Sai in surprise, while Gulabrao tells Sai to agree to leave his village and go else he will kill Savi.

After a while, Gulabrao asks his goon to beat Virat while Virat helplessly gets beaten and unfortunately Savi’s life hangs in the balance.

As Virat is rendered unconscious, Gulabrao threatens Sai to agree to his terms else she will have to forget Savi. 

At this Savi asks Virat to save her, hearing Savi's voice Virat wakes up and angrily beats Gulabrao’s goons while Sai quickly goes to release Savi.

However, the goon at the pulley pushes Sai down but Virat saves her.

Then, the pulley gets stuck and Virat climbs on the Pulley with the help of a rope and releases Savi safely.

Meanwhile, Vinayak receives Pakhi’s phone call and tells her about Savi being kidnapped and Virat fighting the goons.

After knowing this Pakhi gets worried, as she also hears the noises of the fight in the background and the voice of a frightened Vinayak.

Later, Virat attacks the last of the goons who try to shoot him but Virat disarms him and goes after Gulabrao.

Hearing the gunshot, Pakhi panics and decides to leave for Kathkauli immediately.

The goon goes to get Vinayak out of the car and puts him at a gunpoint asking Virat to leave Gulabrao. Seeing this Virat immediately releases Gulabrao to save Vinayak. 

Just then Sai also puts a gun to Gulabrao’s head and asks his goon to release Vinayak, or else she will shoot Gulabrao.

Right then Savi throws a stone at the goon who is pointing the gun at Vinayak, his gun falls down and Virat quickly runs towards Vinayak to inquire about his well-being.

Seeing this Sai gets happy, while Gulabrao sees that Sai is looking at another side, so he pushes her away and she drops the gun. 

Just then the goon quickly picks up his gun and shoots at Savi but Virat quickly jumps in front of Savi to save her and while doing so he gets shot.

After the gunshot, Gulabrao and his goon run away from the spot immediately.

Seeing this Sai gets dumbstruck.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Pakhi and the entire Chavan family members are stressed with the news of Virat and Vinayak being in trouble.

Pakhi hurriedly packs her luggage and rushes to Kathkauli for Virat and Vinayak, while Ashwini who is in tears is seen praying for the well-being of Virat-Vinayak.

On the other side, we see that Sai runs to check on Savi and Virat, as both of them have fallen flat on the ground after the gunshot.

Just then Savi smiles at Sai while Sai realises that Virat is unconscious as he has been shot and is bleeding. 

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