GHKKPM Written Update 13 September 2022: Virat still cares for Sai; Pakhi hears Sai's voice


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th September 2022 Written Update: Virat still cares for Sai; Pakhi hears Sai's voice


At the start of today's episode, we see Virat beating Gulabrao and his goons for humiliating Sai. 

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Gulabrao's goons attack Virat-Sai; kidnaps Savi

Seeing that he might kill Gulabrao, Sai intervenes and stops Virat from fighting. Gulabrao runs for his life after threatening Virat with consequences.

At the Chavan Niwas, the most awaited granddaughter Harini, Devi's daughter comes along with Pulkit. But Harini is a spoilt teenager who misbehaves with Bhavani on her arrival. 

Seeing this Pakhi rebukes Harini for misbehaving but Harini does not take heed and tells them that she is a college-going girl now and can take care of herself. 

Bhavani is not impressed with Harini’s answers and tells her that she needs to teach Harini manners so that she can learn to live with a family. 

While Harini does not take kindly to being treated like a child and tells everyone to not be sweet about her. 

Later, a lighter drops from Harini’s pocket seeing it everyone gets shocked.

On the other side, Vinayak worries over Virat’s wound while Savi tells him that Virat is strong and will get better once her mother applies medicine to him. 

Sai tells Virat that he should not have interfered with Gulabrao as she knows how to handle men like him. 

Later, Sai offers to treat his wound but Virat refuses her help. At this, Savi insists and offers to treat him instead.

At Chavan Niwas, Bhavani questions Harini about smoking. However, Harini is least bothered and tells them that smoking is no big deal in today’s culture and stops Karishma from throwing away her cigarette packet. 

Seeing Harini’s spoilt behaviour makes Bhavani angry and she tells her that she cannot let her get out of hand. 

At Sai’s house, Savi is seen putting ointment on Virat’s wounds while Vinayak looks worried. 

Just then, Pakhi calls Virat and Vinayak picks up his phone to update Pakhi about his treatment as well as Virat being hurt after fighting some goon. 

Pakhi gets worried and asks Vinayak to hand over the phone to Virat. 

While Sai looks complainingly at Virat and is about to leave the room when she collides with a table. Seeing the concern in Savi’s eyes, Sai assures her that she is fine and goes to the Kitchen. 

Meanwhile, Pakhi hears Sai’s voice and a wave of fear passes through her spine. She then asks Virat about it, but Virat ignores the questions and talks about Vinayak’s treatment. 

In the kitchen, Usha questions Sai’s feelings for Virat and divulges that Virat still cares for her. 

However, Sai tells her that she has no interest in Virat’s life and he should not have interfered as she knows how to handle men like Gulabrao. 

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Sai tries to treat Virat, since he got hurt while fighting with Gulabrao's goons.

But Virat sends Sai away and she also stops showing her concern towards him and taunts him about his attitude.

Hearing this Virat taunts her back and says that she doesn’t have any emotions left.

Then Virat confronts her and questions where she found Savi. Virat asks about Savi's parents, while Sai keeps staring at Virat.

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