GHKKPM Written Update 12 September 2022: Virat questions Sai about Savi's parents


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 12th September 2022 Written Update: Virat questions Sai about Savi's parents


At the start of today's episode, we see Ashwini consoling Pakhi and assuring that soon Virat will accept their relationship. She recalls how Pakhi supported Virat, when he needed someone and suggested he adopt Vinayak.

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Pakhi then gets flashes of how Virat used to meet Vinayak regularly as he used to get peace while spending time with him. Virat had also shared his feelings with Pakhi.

Seeing Virat happy in Vinayak's company, Pakhi gets an idea and asks Virat to adopt Vinayak, she tells him that he lost his baby and reminds him that he and Sai had kept the same name of their son.

Pakhi says that Vinayak will give Virat a reason to live, while Virat agrees with Pakhi's idea.

Then, Ashwini tells that because of Pakhi’s suggestion only they got Vinayak in their life. She shows her gratitude towards Pakhi for saving Virat’s life by giving him such a useful suggestion.

Just at that time Bhavani also comes there and agrees with Ashwini’s words. Whereas, Pakhi says that Virat still misses Sai and is not ready to move on.

At this Ashwini asks Pakhi to help Virat from moving away from his past. She states that he already started giving a chance to their relationship and asks Pakhi to use the opportunity.

Bhavani also shows her confidence in Pakhi and says that she can do anything. They both encourage Pakhi, while Pakhi gets emotional and thanks them for motivating her.

On the other side, Virat is taking Vinayak to Sai’s house while Vinayak gives silent treatment to him, unaware of Virat's surprise for him.

Vinayak gets surprised to hear Savi's voice and shows his gratitude toward Virat for bringing him to Sai's home.

Vinayak goes to meet Savi and both become elated. While Sai and Virat adore Savi and Vinayak’s bond, Savi gets angry with Virat for his past behaviour and denies talking to him.

Virat apologizes to Savi and promises that he won’t repeat his mistake. She finally forgives him, while Sai gets teary eyes seeing their bond but hides it from them.

Sai then calls Vinayak and Savi inside to start the treatment, while Virat asks about the time it will take and when can he come back to pick up Vinayak.

Sai tells him about it; however, both the kids ask Virat to come in the evening to which Virat agrees and leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Jagtap’s car passes by in front of Virat but both misses to see one another.

At Chavan Niwas, Pakhi along with Ashwini and other Chavan family members starts preparing to welcome a special guest.

They tell about the importance of the persons, while at that time Pulkit comes there. Pakhi asks about the special guest, to which Pulkit smiles.

On the other side, Sai treats Vinayak and gives him the advice to look after his legs. Meanwhile, they also go to Haria's home to meet the baby and Sai enjoys her time with the kids.

Meanwhile, Gulabrao sees Virat and recognises him to be the same police officer who saved Savi from his goons.

Gulabrao confronts Virat and asks him to stay away from Sai, he talks ill about Sai’s character, while Virat gets furious at him and gives a befitting reply.

Just then, Sai also comes there and gets anxious seeing the situation.

Then, Gulabrao again starts talking bad about Sai and Virat’s relationship, to which Virat gets furious and slaps Gulabrao.

Gulabrao becomes angry and gives a warning to Virat. He keeps mocking Sai and Virat’s relationship, and then Virat loses all his cool and starts beating Gulabrao and his goons.

Seeing this Sai gets shocked and tries to stop Virat, while, Savi keeps cheering for Virat to beat the goons more.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Sai tries to treat Virat, since he got hurt while fighting with Gulabrao's goons.

But Virat sends Sai away and she also stops showing her concern towards him and taunts him about his attitude.

Hearing this Virat taunts her back and says that she doesn’t have any emotions left.

Then Virat confronts her and questions where she found Savi. Virat asks about Savi's parents, while Sai keeps staring at Virat.

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