GHKKPM Written Update 10 September 2022: Vinayak is Virat-Sai's real son


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 10th September 2022 Written Update: Vinayak is Virat-Sai's real son


At the start of today's episode, we see Ashwini serving green tea to Ninad. She sits along with Ninad and both enjoy their tea.

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Virat questions Sai about Savi's parents

Then Ninad tells Ashwini how he developed the habit of drinking green tea and then they talk about Omi's health.

Whereas, Ashwini replies that due to Ninad even she started enjoying the green tea. While Ninad recalls Sai but Ashwini gets irked and asks him not to take her name.

Ashwini shows her frustration towards Sai and reminds him about all the pain and suffering that Virat has gone through after her death. Ninad also agrees with her and gets flashes of the time after Sai’s death.

They remember how Virat used to put his life in danger and wanted to kill himself. At this, Ashwini says that Virat used to take all the risky missions and used to get injured heavily.

Is Vinayak, Virat and Sai's son?

Meanwhile, Ninad says that he stopped only after Ashwini’s vow, but Ashwini says that he changed after finding Vinayak on a mission.

They recall how Virat saved Vinayak when he was very young from the terrorists and then adopted him as his son.

From this scene, it seems that Vinayak could be Virat and Sai's son. If we recall the accident before the leap of the story, both Sai and Virat could not find Vinayak after Sai and Vinayak met with the accident.

It is possible that seeing an infant (Vinayak) injured, someone might have admitted him to the hospital; while, Virat and Sai thought they have lost Vinayak.

And later the infant might have been shifted to child care where he grew up with problems with his legs due to the accident and Virat found him during his mission while saving the children from the terrorists.

Ninad and Ashwini pray for Vinayak to get cured so that everything will get fine. They show their concern towards Vinayak and say that Virat is deeply attached to Vinayak and cares about him a lot.

Ashwini also prays for Virat to move on in his life with Pakhi. Whereas, the latter opens Virat’s cupboard and finds his photo frame with Sai and their first child Vinayak.

Later, Ashwini comes towards Pakhi and sees her tensed. She asked about the matter, to which the latter notify ber about her suspicion.

Pakhi tells that Virat was so tired and busy, also he was hiding something from her.

Whereas, Ashwini ask Pakhi not to think too much. She insists she prays for positivity, while Pakhi replies that she doesn’t trust her fate.

Ashwini shows her concern towards Pakhi and asks her to move on in her life with Virat. She also warns her not to remind him about the past.

On the other side, Virat goes to feed Vinayak and apologizes to him for his rude behaviour. Vinayak says that he is upset and complains that Virat has stolen his hope to get cured.

Vinayak says that he had trusted in Sai but due to Virat she won’t treat him now. Hearing this, Virat feels sad for Vinayak and assures him that he will get fine.

Vinayak tells about his dream to run, while Virat gets sad. Virat also falls into a dilemma.

On the other side, we see, Sai feeding Savi but Savi keeps worrying about Vinayak. She says that he must have not eaten anything and shows her concern stating that his father was so angry at him.

Hearing this Sai also gets worried for Vinayak and decides to call Virat.

Then we see Virat gets into a conflict with his imagination. They both get into an argument. Virat gets confused about whether to take treatment for Vinayak from Sai or to go away from her.

Virat gets emotional remembering that she is alive but then becomes furious thinking about the reason she hid the truth from him. At that time he gets a call from Sai and both get emotional hearing each other’s voices.

Then, Sai and Virat taunt one another, while Virat asks Sai not to come in between him and his son. She states that she can treat Vinayak and shows her concern towards Vinayak, while Virat gets into confusion.

Sai asks him not to take any decision in hurry and asks him to think about Vinayak’s life. She advises him to keep their past aside from the kids and requests him to follow her decision.

Virat finally agrees to it and says that they will only have a patient and doctor relationship.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Virat takes Vinayak to Sai’s house, while Vinayak gets surprised.

Vinayak questions if they are there for his treatment, and Virat replies positively. Both get down from the car and Sai gets emotional seeing Virat.

Meanwhile, Savi shows her excitement to meet her friend. Vinayak asks Virat if he will again drag him away from Savi.

This time Virat says no and asks him to go and meet Savi. Then both Savi and Vinayak hug each other happily, while Virat and Sai look at one another.

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