GHKKPM 7 September 2022 Written Update: Finally, Virat-Sai meet each other


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 7th September 2022 Written Update: Finally, Virat-Sai meet each other


At the start of today's episode, Pakhi gets sad thinking about her decision to stay back. She cries while Virat consoles her and says that everyone can understand her situation.

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Virat says that sometimes they have to take tough decisions in their life. He adds, that everyone knows about her love and care for Vinayak and not going with him doesn’t prove that she doesn’t care about Vinayak.

Virat insists that Pakhi stay strong and gives an example of himself. He tells that many times he has to go to his mission leaving Vinayak, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love his son.

Virat then makes Pakhi realise that she is taking a strong decision by staying back at home. He assures her that only she can handle the problem and promises her that he will take good care of Vinayak.

Virat also tells her that soon they will go on a vacation to the Maldives, while she smiles at his motivation.

Then Virat leaves from there and sits inside the car along with Vinayak.

Vinayak bids adieu to Bhavani and Pakhi before leaving and shows his excitement to meet Savi.

On the other side, Savi has made Modak for welcoming Vinayak and his father. She expresses her excitement to Sai, while Sai laughs at her antics.

Later, Sai tells Usha that for the first time Savi is attached to someone like Vinayak and his father.

Sai also says that Savi has forgotten everything since she met them, while Usha tells Sai that Savi still misses her father and is curious to know about him.

On the other side, Virat questions Vinayak if he knows Savi’s address, to which he denies.

Vinayak then calls Savi and asks about her address, to which she gives the phone to Sai stating that she will inform them.

Vinayak puts the call on speaker and Virat gets shocked to hear Sai’s voice. But, the network gets disturbed and Virat could not listen properly and gets confused.

Then, a woman comes to call Sai as Gayatri needed her. She goes there, while Savi talks to Virat and tells him to ask anyone about the doctor’s house and they will bring them there.

Virat asks a man and he gives him the way to Sai’s residence.

Both Virat and Vinayak reach Savi's home and Savi welcomes both of them while they get excited to meet one another. Vinayak gives gifts to Savi and she becomes elated.

On the other side, Sai visits Haria and Gayatri's house and ask about Gayatri's health.

Everyone starts praising her and shows gratitude towards Sai for saving the baby and Gayatri.

Meanwhile, they insisted Sai should join them for the function and she accepts. They start singing and dancing around Sai while she enjoys it thoroughly.

On the other side of the story, Pakhi goes through the case file and talks to the lawyer.

While Ashwini comes inside her room and shows her concern, at which Pakhi tells that she isn’t worried for Vinayak as for the first time he is attached to someone so deeply.

Pakhi also recalls Sai and Virat’s marriage, while Ashwini says that Virat is ready to move on in his relationship with her and assures her that soon everything will be fine.

At Kankauli, Savi asks Virat and Vinayak to come along with her to Haria and Gayatri’s home for the celebration.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Virat takes Vinayak and Savi to Haria’s function. He drops both the kids for the function along with some other ladies.

Just at that time, Pakhi calls Virat and he notifies her that he is waiting to meet Savi’s mother.

Later, everyone starts dancing and celebrating, while Virat joins along with Savi. Whereas, Vinayak dances with Sai.

Then suddenly the rain starts pouring and Virat calls Savi towards him but Savi runs towards Sai.

Just at that time, Sai and Virat both turn toward each other and they get shocked to see each other.

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