BPKH Written Update 8th September 2022: Kaamna plans to frame Ritesh in Indu's stolen jewellery case


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8th September 2022 Written Update: Kaamna plans to frame Ritesh in Indu's stolen jewellery case


At the start of today's episode, Ritesh serves Modak to everyone, while Kaamna looks on confusedly.

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Sameer takes Kaamna with him and asks what happened to the Modak which she said mixed poison in it, not only Shakuntala but almost everyone had it and no one had any reaction that they expected.

Sameer then asks her did she mixed the poison in the Modak for sure. Kaamna tells him she did mix and Sameer asks her then what happened.

Kaamna tells someone has done something that’s why her plan failed and wonders who it is. She saw the housekeeper looking happy and relieved seeing everyone having the Modak and goes inside the kitchen.

Kaamna tells Sameer she knows who is behind all this and follows the housekeeper. The housekeeper thanks God for saving her and turns around and gets shocked to see Kaamna there.

Kaamna questions her about what she did to the Modak and catches her face with her hand.

The housekeeper pleads with Kaamna to leave her hold on her face because it's hurting and assures her she will tell her the truth.

Kaamna urges her to say it. The then shows that the Modak fell in a bucket full of water so the housekeeper made Modak with the remaining flour before Indu could come and take it.

Hearing this Kaamna gets furious and scolds her for ruining her plan.

Another worker comes there and tells Kaamna the guest wants to meet her, then Kaamna asks the housekeeper to leave and not to show her face to anyone and then leaves the kitchen.

Kaamna sees Pankaj who is on his way to his room. She stops him and tells him that she won’t spare Ritesh for giving his rights to Zoon, while Pankaj remains silent.

Kaamna pleads with Pankaj not to get upset with her because she tried her best to change Ritesh’s decision but failed. She then assures him that she will teach Ritesh his lesson.

Then Vivek comes to Indu and tells her they are getting late for their society puja.

Indu tells Vivek she will tell everyone they are leaving then they can leave and asks him to bring Anjali, to which Vivek agrees.

Kaamna wonders what to do next to trouble Ritesh. She recalls that Indu’s jewellery is with them and Ritesh wanted to wear it to the idol.

Kaamna thanks God for reminding her of this and then searches for Ritesh, then she asks Sameer about Ritesh’s whereabouts.

Sameer mocks her by asking if is she searching for him to celebrate her failure.

Kaamna scolds him and tells him they may fail at one part of their plan not the entire game and tells him they do have another chance to create more conflicts between Ritesh and Indu and humiliate Ritesh.

Sameer asks Kaamna what’s her plan. Kaamna reminds him about Indu’s lost jewellery.

Kaamna then tells him after Indu sees her jewellery in God’s idol she will create a scene and call the Malhotra family a thief which will make Ritesh angry also he will face humiliation.

Sameer gets happy and praises Kaamna, while Kaamna leaves the place in search of Ritesh.

In Indu’s society, Sunita and Asha go to attend the puja, while the neighbours taunt Sunita by reminding her about her challenge with them.

Sunita gets upset and angry, at this Asha takes her home and pleads with her not to take their words seriously because they are just gossiping as they don't have anything much to say.

Sunita tells Asha that the neighbours are right, as Indu also don't have love and respect for her and that’s why she didn’t care to find the lost jewellery and goes inside her room, while Asha looks on helplessly.

Ritesh sees Indu and Zoon’s interaction with Shakuntala. He enjoys watching them from afar.

Then Rahul comes there to talk about something, when he realises Ritesh is not listening to his words. He sees Ritesh staring at Indu and Rahul teases Ritesh.

Ritesh comes out of his mesmerised state and sends Rahul from there.

Then Kaamna reminds Ritesh about the jewellery which he wanted to wear on God’s idol. Ritesh thanks her for reminding him and then leaves from there.

Then Sameer informs Kaamna that Indu is leaving. Kaamna tells him she won’t let her efforts go vain and goes and stops Indu and asks her to have lunch with them then leaves.

Zoon persuades Indu and Indu gives in and agrees to Kaamna’s request, while Kaamna gets happy.

On the other side, Vivaan flirts with Anjali and asks for her number. Then Anjali gives her number to him.

Then Vivaan asks her to go with him for a bike ride, but Anjali says that she will think about it.

Ritesh decorates God’s idol with Indu’s lost jewellery, seeing this both Sameer and Kaamna get happy thinking Indu’s reaction is going to create a scene.

Just then Indu comes there and gets shocked to find her mother’s lost jewellery on God’s idol.

Then Vivek goes to Indu and asks her what happened and Indu shows him the jewellery.

Vivek suggests she should ask Ritesh but Indu refuses saying she will ask him but not now because there are so many guests here.

Sameer overhears their conversation and gives the information to Kaamna. Kaamna thinks that she shouldn’t let go of this opportunity from her hand.

Then Indu searches for Zoon and Ritesh brings a sleeping Zoon with him. He tells Indu that he feels good whenever he does something for Zoon.

Indu thanks Ritesh for helping her repay her debt and promises to return the money as soon as possible.

Ritesh tells her he already told her they will talk about this some other day and whatever he does it's for Zoon, hearing this Indu smiles.

Then Indu tells Ritesh that she wants to talk to him about something important, while Ritesh encourages her to tell him.

Kaamna who watches this from distance thinks finally Indu is going to ask Ritesh about the jewellery and gets happy thinking about the outcome of it, while Indu looks on nervous.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Indu tells Vivek she doesn't know how to ask Ritesh about her lost jewellery. They both wonders how come Ritesh got their lost jewellery.

Sunita overhears it and gets shocked. Kaamna says that she still has time till the next day to get succeed in her plan and looks on.

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