BPKH Written Update 7 September 2022: Kaamna's plan of poisonous Modak fails, comes up with a new evil plan against Indu


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 7th September 2022 Written Update: Kaamna's plan of poisonous Modak fails, comes up with a new evil plan against Indu


At the start of today's episode, Deep asks Rahul where is Panditji, as they have to do the puja. Rahul tells him that he is calling him only but he isn’t answering the calls.

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At this, Zoon asks Ritesh why they are waiting for the priest. Ritesh tells he is the one who does puja. Zoon tells the idol is in their house so they are the ones who are supposed to do puja for Lord Ganesh right?

Kaamna tells Zoon she doesn’t know anything about this because she is a kid, at this Ritesh says Zoon is right about one thing.

Hearing this, everyone looks confused. Ritesh tells when a guest comes to the house they take proper care of them so why not they agree with Zoon’s words to start the puja without the help of a priest?

Kaamna tells him it’s not the easy and right thing to do and says it’s the priest who does all the rituals.

Then Deep asks who will explain how to do it, at this Ritesh says it’s a problem.

Zoon tells him that’s not a big deal and gives him the mobile and asks him to watch the video and follow the steps. Ritesh takes the phone and says it’s a good idea.

Ritesh then follows the instructions given in the video and does all the rituals. While everyone looks happy except Kaamna and Pankaj. They all chants Ganapathy Bappa Morya.

On the other side, Sameer tells Vivaan that Kadambari’s mobile is switched-off now, while Vivaan assures him Kadambari will come.

Then the priest comes to the house and apologises to everyone for being late. Ritesh tells because of this he got a chance to perform the ritual which they do before puja.

At this, the priest says that’s a good thing. He then tells them they can start the aarti part now. He calls Pankaj and asks him to do the first aarti as per family tradition.

But Ritesh stops it which shocks everyone. He takes the aarti in his hand. Kaamna asks Ritesh why he stopped.

Ritesh tells her this year there will be one more change is going to take place. Hearing this, Dolly asks which ritual.

Ritesh says he is talking about aarti and this year Pankaj won't do the first aarti of Lord Ganesha which shocks Pankaj and his family, but Dolly smiles.

The priest asks Ritesh what is he saying. As per his family tradition, the elder men of this family have to do the first aarti for Lord Ganesha. Then why this year Pankaj can’t do the first aarti?

Ritesh tells him he already told them this year there are some changes in what they used to do and this year the person who brought so much happiness to his life he wants that person to do the first aarti.

Dolly asks who it is. Ritesh reveals it’s Zoon who he wants to do aarti. Everyone gets shocked, but Indu and Zoon look happy.

Kaamna asks Ritesh why he is breaking their family tradition. Ritesh tells he is not breaking but changing a little bit and he is sure there will be no problem if Zoon does aarti first.

Pankaj tells it’s not about problems that may arise but it’s about family tradition and he doesn't want this to be done by an outsider like Zoon.

Kaamna agrees with Pankaj but Ritesh refuses to listen to her. He tells Zoon is a very important person in his life.

Ritesh then goes to Zoon and tells everyone that if Zoon does aarti then Lord Ganesha will be happy too.

Indu notices Kaamna and Pankaj’s behaviour so she says to Ritesh that she doesn't want his family’s tradition to break because of Zoon.

Indu suggests letting Pankaj do the first aarti. Ritesh tells her he wants Zoon to do the first aarti.

Indu opposes and says she doesn't want to do any argument. Ritesh decides to tell something but Zoon tells she doesn't want both of them to argue because of her.

Kaamna interrupts and convinces him to let Pankaj do the first aarti. This time Ritesh obliges and goes to give the aarti plate to Pankaj.

Kaamna thanks Indu, to which Indu says she does what is right though.

Zoon tells Indu that she is feeling thirsty. Indu takes her with her to give her water but Shakuntala holds her hand.

Dolly notices it and notifies the same to Ritesh. Ritesh tells that he thinks even Shakuntala wants Zoon to do the first aarti. Shakuntala blinks her eyes as yes.

Ritesh tells that they should respect his mother’s words and asks Kaamna what is she saying. Kaamna says she has no problem if that’s what Shakuntala wants.

Ritesh calls Zoon and Zoon goes to him. Ritesh takes the aarti plate from Pankaj’s hand. He then asks him to move aside because Zoon needs that place, to which Pankaj obliges.

Sameer goes to Kaamna and tells her she may tolerate all the insults thrown in his father’s way but he won't and he is going to teach a lesson to Ritesh.

But Kaamna stops Sameer and tells him their revenge will be fulfilled when Shakuntala dies after having the poisonous Modak, so asks him to wait until then.

Later, Kaamna asks Indu to bring Modak before the aarti starts and Indu obliges and brings the Modak.

Then Zoon tells Indu and Ritesh that the plate of aarti is too heavy so asks them to help her. Indu and Ritesh stare at each other than oblige with Zoon.

All three of them do the aarti and later the family members do aarti one by one. After the aarti is done Kaamna asks Indu to give Modak to Ritesh who will feed Shakuntala.

Ritesh takes the plate of Modak in his hand and approaches Shakuntala. Then he feeds her the Modak unaware that it is poisonous.

While both Kaamna and Sameer watch this but get shocked realising Shakuntala is fine even after having the Modak.

Kaamna wonders if the poison brings out the reaction within two seconds then why it’s not working?

Then Ritesh serves the Modak to everyone, while Kaamna looks on confused.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Kaamna asks Ritesh why he didn’t make Lord Ganesha wear the jewellery which he brought.

Ritesh thanks her for reminding him and wears the jewellery on the idol, while Indu gets shocked seeing the jewellery.

Kaamna tells now Indu has seen the jewellery, so she can't wait to see the outcome and smirks happily.

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